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Arden McLaughlin wants to KNOW you! Meet Arden at an upcoming KNOW event.

People of Charlotte, please meet Arden, a woman of many talents. Arden has introduced us to some amazing Charlotteans here on the People of Charlotte storytelling platform as a writer, connector, and storyteller. Her energy and zest for life is contagious. As an Ambassador for the Know Tribe, she utilizes her innate ability to create authentic connections in the Charlotte community. Now let's get to know Arden's story!

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I'm a storyteller by nature with a heart for growing people into the best version of themselves.  

How might others describe you in one sentence?

Probably as the brightest star in the room ready to dance as soon as the beat drops who also has the biggest heart filled with love and compassion.  

You wear many hats in a given day! Can you quickly list them?

Hats give me hat hair! I wear a lot of bracelets... Hahah



Ring leader









Now, let's really get to know you! Tell us about Arden's Book Club?

Oh goodness... I wish I could spend more time with this book club. The ability to read and escape into another world brings me the most joy. I also believe it's the outlet to freedom for every person in our world. Years ago, before Influencers were a thing, I started working with WBTV to give book recommendations from time-to-time. It's blossomed into Arden's Book Club, and now I'm on once a month sharing my recommendations. I also try to keep my Instagram up-to-date with books I'm reading. I tend to know what readers like so I hope I give solid recommendations.

As a publicist, tell us about your client base and services.

I help people tell their stories better and more effectively. In today's economy, I believe our story equates to the core of who we are and people relate to people; not as products. I can't share who my clients are but I'll say they're incredible men and women who believe in the power of being honest, fun, and hardworking.

I have a range of services but always begin with creating a communication plan for each client. I like to allow people to dream their biggest and best dreams—then we create a plan that will work to help them achieve those dreams. That could be starting a blog, a TV show, magazine articles, beefing up social media, or mixing all of these into one comprehensive, executable plan.  

You are obviously a connector of people, so it made you a perfect match for Ambassador of The Know Tribe. What is the Know Tribe?

The KNOW Book + Tribe was born out of a need for more; more community, more collaboration, and more like-mindedness. The KNOW Book + Tribe originated in Phoenix in late 2018, founded by Sarah Benken. Upon moving to Phoenix, Benken wanted to build a new community of women after being a lifelong North Carolina resident.

The KNOW Book + Tribe is a collection of dynamic leading women in cities across the country and Canada. Our goal is to help women build relationships; both business and personal in comfortable environments.

What has driven me so passionately with KNOW is the caliber of women who reside in our community. Charlotte, we are lucky! We have people creating and leading businesses and organizations that drive change and create a sustainable economy for all of us. We have community leaders who care about the other person more than the status quo. And we have rising stars who are sure to continue the upward trajectory of our city.

After months of getting to meet incredible women across our community we put together a book of almost 100 influential business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and rising stars to launch our first Book + Tribe in November 2018.

How can women get to know The Know Tribe and join?

Come to our event this Tuesday, April 30th! It's going to be incredible and the first Tribe event we've hosted in Charlotte. Tickets are only $30 and can be purchased here.

KNOW Tribe 2018 sisters, Raven's Originals, Providence Plastic Surgery & Skin Center, and Metro's Other Woman, will join KNOW Tribe 2019 sisters with WeWork and Dixie Vodka providing food and drink. Plus, our Creator and Founder, Sarah Benken is in town for the event!

Any shoutouts to people who you have loved getting to Know?

I can't pick one! I love them all!  

What's your favorite thing about your career?

Nailing a big story and getting a ton of press for it.  

Proudest accomplishment?

That I can now choose with whom I want to work. Last year at this time, I almost lost my business. I read a book called Draw The Circle by Mark Batterson to help me pray my way into the right place of my career. It's a 40-day prayer challenge book. Within days of completing this book, I was offered the gig with the KNOW Book + Tribe. From taking that position, I grew my network exponentially with the right people. I can now say "no" if someone isn't the best fit for my skill set—meaning, I cannot help him or her grow in a meaningful way. That's the coolest feeling.  

How do you practice self-care while managing everything you do in a week?

Hahhahaha... I'm not great at that and I give myself grace. This month has been particularly hard for me. I'm realizing how much I need some partners in my life. I need a male partner to take out the trash and calm down my tirades. It would be nice if he told me I was pretty a few times a week. I also need some kind of business partner. I don't know how either will come to fruition but I've started my Draw The Circle book again to pray over those specific things.

I do make myself workout 4-5 times a week during my busy seasons. During less busy times, I'm easily at 6 days a week but again... grace. I eat really healthy. I go to church regularly. I surround myself with incredible people. I call my mom and dad. I keep in touch with my brother (who is as crazy busy as me) and sister-in-law (who is an angel on earth). Basically, I try to stay grounded even though I'm juggling lots of bracelets.

You love to laugh! What makes you laugh or brings you joy?

Oh gosh... EVERYTHING. My cat laying on his back with all his glory showing. When I'm the last one to finish a run because I'm so slow but at least I did the dang thing. The presents I'm buying my future niece. The Mindy Project and Single Parents. The Carolina Insider Podcast. Honestly, I'm an Enneagram 7. I'm easily amused.

Favorite workout?

Crap. Anyone that makes me want to cry. Rob Johnson and Jamie Eastley at BLOC provide the best HIIT workout I've ever done. I love dancing with Katie Dixon over there when I can. I love FlyBarre with Meghan Lee (my first ever workout coach!) and Carrie Kaschak. I learning to love to run. I think the best workout for me is riding my bike at the beach but that isn't an everyday thing. (I'm sure I've left out people but again, April has been hard so grace for me!)  

Favorite books or books that have profoundly impacted you?

Fifth Avenue Artist Society by my friend Joy Calloway. I read it every year.

Favorite Charlotte restaurant?

Red Rocks, an oldie but goodie.  

Favorite place to find a wardrobe deal?

Revolve (hello, Afterpay)!  

Favorite radio station?

Anything country.  

Favorite stylist?

I love both Kristin Heinrich and Mackenzie Spence's work. I'm also a huge fan of Erin Finnen. She's actually a mortgage broker at her firm, Lending By Design, with a secret passion for fashion.

If you could star in any movie, what movie would you choose?

Beauty and the Beast. I'm so Belle.  

Photo credits: Dani Nicole Photography



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