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Erin Ducharme Waters' 11:11 Collection, The Jewelry of Synchronicity

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

I found 11:11 Collection at a SweatNet event for the Summer Solstice. At the event, we put a raffle ticket in one bag for a prize. 11 is my lucky number so OF COURSE I chose to put my ticket in the 11:11 Collection bag. The entire Solstice night was magical in a way I cannot properly put into words and I ended up winning my first 11:11 wrap bracelet that night. Engraved in it was: Sol Magic. Somehow it sparked a fire in me to truly chase the power of that night on a daily basis. Since then, I’ve been pretty intrigued by 11:11 and FINALLY got to interview the creator, Erin. Take a read. And, be sure to follow People of CLT and Arden on Instagram. We’re going to be giving away 11:11 bracelets!

What brought you to Charlotte?

I came with my brother because Charlotte had 2% unemployment at the time, and we did a month-long tour around NC. My brother wanted to live in Wilmington, but knew we would never find jobs, so we landed in Charlotte. Twenty years ago we got an apartment in Charlotte, after moving from Western NY.

Why did you pick NC?

My grandparents retired in Hendersonville, so we knew we loved it. Back then we thought we’d move once a month. The things we do and think as a kid (Erin laughs)!

What made you stay?

We made so many great friends. This city is kind of a melting pot. So few people are from here that we all felt like we were in it together.

So, Erin, what do you do?

I own Ice Bodyworks. I’m a neuro muscular massage therapist.

What is that?

We work to fix issues. It’s not really for relaxation.

What kind of issues?

A frozen shoulder… hurt back… I work on a lot of athletes in town. I have a lot of people who come see me two to three times a week.

Then how did you get the idea for 11:11 Collection?

For the business itself, it didn’t start out like that. I work about 12 to 15 hours a day. I started to wish I had something to remind me of why I do this.

I do it because I love what I do. I love providing for my family. I wanted a reminder. So, I decided to make it myself.

My first bracelet was the LOVE bracelet. And I thought it would start and finish with the LOVE bracelet.

And that’s how it was born?

I made the bracelet and wore it to the Foo Fighters 20th anniversary in DC. People kept asking me where I got it.

I started handing out my number. I said if they were serious, to call me, and I’d make them one. And people started calling.

That’s so cool! How long ago was that?

Three years ago!

So, if there was only going to be a LOVE bracelet, what made you branch into other words?

I had a friend who was having a really hard time. She kept putting herself down. She’s this girl who’s a super badass but she couldn’t see it, she couldn't see herself. It was then that I figured out what the bracelet line was meant to be:

That we’re all enough. We always have been. We just don’t always know it.

So, I sent her a badass bracelet and decided to come up with the rest of the words that I thought people might need.

What are your favorite words?

Enough. Undefeated. All of us are undefeated. Nothing has stopped us.

Fierce and Grateful as well.

The AF line isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes me really happy.

Where did 11:11 come from?

When you see it a lot, it means you’re in alignment with your purpose. When I was coming up with the name, I kept seeing 11:11. It eventually hit me, of course, it’s the 11:11 Collection. And I really liked the idea of 11:11 being stamped into the bracelets. This helps people see it regularly to remind them they are in alignment.

When you say alignment what do you mean?

That you are doing the things that are getting you to your soul's purpose.

Do you mean sole or soul?

Either one!

Why do you enjoy drawing people to their purpose?

I think that is what I’m here to do. We all get this list of what other people say we should do. I feel like we’re all broken.

The only difference in our brokenness is the commentary.

I see so many people who could be so happy if they just knew how badass they are. I spent a lot of time not knowing I was enough. But, once I started to know, I wanted to change the dialogue for others too.

We all miss a lot of things waiting for them. We think they are supposed to look a certain way and they’re actually happening all around us.

Things are happening. We have to look up and see them happening.

Do you have a favorite story from someone’s experience with a cuff?

It was a custom… I had a girl send me a message: My life is falling apart because my husband is a drug addict. I wanted to get something that would be supportive of both of us. Would you do two One Day at A Time bracelets for me?

I was so moved that someone would put so much power and real-life shit into one bracelet.

That’s so cool. And that's my personal experience with Sol Magic too. You spread good vibes in others ways too. You have partnerships with some folks. Who are they?

The 11:11 Badassadaors – I watch people who are doing real things, good things. I reach out to see how we can help them be even greater.

What are your Badassassdors doing?

Some of them are hosting teacher trainings all over the world. Some are working in nonprofit worlds for equality. Some are helping young kids in schools who don’t have the same opportunities as everyone else.

What do you do for them?

It depends… Right now, I’m donating the Resilient proceeds to the Love for Love City Foundation because Jamis used to live on St. John.

The Possibility Project, for Christopher Soto, is doing great things in this town. He’s doing the real stuff, hands on, making sure the wheels that are in motion are getting to the people who need it.

Cameron from Of Good Nature. We’re going to help him fund music projects in the city. Whatever they ask us for, if it’s for a real cause, we’ll do it. Some of these are people who have been with me from the beginning. Some is me seeing what they are doing.

At the end of the day we want to help as many people as we can, in as many ways as we can. I’m constantly looking for those opportunities.

If 11:11 becomes just about making money, I’m closing the door.

So, where do they find you and your products?

Instagram @1111collection

Alright, it’s time for my standard questions that give our readers a look into other fun things about you. So, what’s your favorite…

Restaurant: Stagioni

Sports team: NY Yankees and Carolina Panthers

TV show: I don’t make time for TV

Movie: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (the original)

Book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Place to work out: Home

App: Instagram

New thing in CLT: Dot Dot Dot

Old thing in CLT: Park Road Shopping Center

l l : l l COLLECTION™ the jewelry of synchronicity | changing the vibration of the world, one wrist at a time.


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