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Kids with Possibilites Founder, Dana Leung, invites you to a Halloween fundraiser on Oct 20th!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

We love the name of your organization. Kids with Possibilities immediately conveys positivity. What’s the story behind creating this organization?

I got the idea for starting this organization in 2014, not long after my own daughter was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. It was very overwhelming to be thrust into this world of special needs with all the therapies and doctors appointments and trying to determine what was best for your child. I began meeting other parents of children like my daughter or with other developmental delays who were trying to get their child all the help they needed, but all of these therapies cost money. Many of which are not be covered by insurance or are not covered until a high deductible is met. One of my board members put me in touch with some of her contacts at Novant Health Foundation to pitch my idea and they quickly agreed to establish a fund for us to manage. Because of this partnership, we are able to donate 98% of the money we raise directly to families in the Charlotte area. Your annual fundraiser is on the 20th and all who are attending are invited to wear costumes. Where can we register for this fun event?

How has KWP impacted the Charlotte community and how does KWP hope to create even more impact?

Our goal is to continue to grow each year and help as many kids as we can to access the therapies, schools and assistive technology devices they need to be successful. The generosity of the community has enabled us to provide the following:

  • 320 hours of Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

  • 265 Therapy Sessions (i.e. Music, Speech, Occupational, Physical)

  • 119 Weeks of Specialized Schooling

  • 77 Weeks of Special Needs Camps

  • 2 Assistive Technology Devices

What struggles do some of our children in Charlotte face day-to-day?

Kids with developmental delays require various types of therapies such as speech, occupational, physical, Applied Behavioral Analysis, etc. in order to help them do the things that come so easily to neurotypical children. Many of our public schools are not equipped to meet the educational needs of these students to help them reach their full potential. In addition, these kids cannot attend summer camps for typical children. They require more attention and specialized training than these camps can provide. Because of the teacher to student ratios at special needs camps, they are often double the price of a camp for a neurotypical child.

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