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Meredith Covington and Nan Jones, childhood friends who moved outside and took their art with them

Native Carolinians?

We were both raised in the Queen City and remain true to our Charlotte roots...but reside in different NC cities now.

How did your childhood friendship shape your future?

Growing up together in Charlotte allowed for joint exposure to an arts-based culture through festivals, exhibits, museum visits, and school field trip opportunities.

What shared interests do you have?

Besides our shared love for anything outdoors, we both enjoy: live music, Mexican food, The Today Show, a good bargain, a fully-loaded cheese board, and a hand-crafted cocktail. We are passionate about our respective cities’ children’s programs, local events, church activities, and enjoy volunteering with all.

Why is Exposed Art so unique and what inspired you to create this product?

Exposed is unique because we are the pioneers of weather-resistant art. We developed our product to withstand the outdoor elements and were inspired by a love for the outdoors and yearning to complement the trend of outdoor living. We understood the void of existing outdoor art and determined that painted art should be moved outside as the perfect complement to defining the special outdoor space.

Where would you suggest your pieces be hung?

Art should be hung anywhere you want it to be; whether your private patio, poolside, oceanfront home, mountain cabin…or even places indoors (bathrooms) that may endure steam or moisture.

Where do you see your business in one year from now?

Our vision for one year from now is to offer a variety of exclusive collections by other regional artists in order to appeal to different collectors’ tastes.

Where do I purchase my piece of custom art?

We plan to set up an e-commerce tab on our website by the beginning of 2018, but for now you may visit for ordering information or by emailing

Husbands, kids, dogs and/or chickens?

Nan: Lives in Raleigh with husband (Todd), daughter (McCrea), son (Camp), goldendoodle and chickens.

Meredith: Lives in High Point with husband (Braden), sons (Brooks and George), daughter (Katherine), and yellow lab.

What are your social media accounts that you would like to share?



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