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Minga Don: putting good into the world through blood donations and songwriting

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Tell us about your work?

I work with a team who sets up blood drives in North and South Carolina, within a 100 mile radius of Charlotte.

Why should people donate blood?

Someone in America needs blood to live every six seconds. One donation can be used to save three different lives. This is capable by separating a whole blood product into red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Donating blood also acts in renewing your body's cells and can make you feel more energetic.

What is the process of donating blood like?

You go to a local blood drive with a picture i.d., read the current requirements and manual, and then complete your health history questionnaire. Once passing all the measurements, you go to the donor room, sit in the chair, and donate blood.

How can people find out how and where to donate?

The internet is the best; you can search "where can I donate blood near me" and check out social media. Newspapers and word of mouth also work.

Have you met any interesting people through donations?

Oh yes; one of the perks of my job is a different time, different place, different staff - daily. I get to meet, greet, talk to, and encourage many people with so many interesting things going on in their lives. The opportunity to actually be a part of People of Charlotte was given to me by the editor at a blood drive - you never know who you'll come across.

You are a songwriter?

I started writing songs in the 10th grade. I'll never forget when one night I just kept going over these lyrics in my head until finally I had to jump up and write them down. It was almost 11PM when I knocked on my mother's bedroom door and told her to listen to this song I just wrote.

Have you always been a writer?

Actually writing has always been my thing. I always got pretty good test scores on the yearly writing tests in particular. It's truly a gift from God - songs just pop into my head; I either record them or jot them down instantly.

Any lyrics you would like to share?

I currently have a song on ITunes, Google Play, and anywhere else music is sold called "Stand Up" written by: Myss Minga featuring Tynetta Nicole's vocals. The song represents change coming together as people, getting your life right with God and doing what's right in general. It's very inspirational, it promotes a revolution of change. The first verse and chorus are:

Stand Up brother for what you know is right my brother. Stand Up sister it is worth the fight now come on. When we come together there are issues we've gotta cover then we'll last forever our strength will live on. Hold on to the feeling you've got to hold the feeling right now this intervention gon keep this world a spinning right now just while your listening somebody's made a difference hold on to the feeling hold on.

What is your dream career?

I would be a songwriter first which will then give me a platform to be a singer.

Where do you find your inspiration?

God; I've known him all my life. He's given me the gift of songwriting. Songs come to my head and I write them down. Also feelings, emotions, and circumstances drive me to write.

Favorite artists?

I remember first hearing Shirley Caesar, the Clark Sisters, Bebe and CeCe Winans, Gladys Knight, and Anita Baker. If my voice could be like anyone's, I would want it to be like Anita Baker's; she sounds like a bird humming in your ear.

Do you ever sing your own songs?

Yes I actually just finished recording three new ringtones which will be for sale anywhere music is sold by the end of the summer. Titled: Your Baby's Calling you, Right Now, and Pick up the phone. These will be available to download to your phone and notify you who's calling.

We hear you might be going to Africa in the fall?

Yes! I want to see the Mother Land. My family has planned a last minute, twelve day trip to Africa this coming October and believe me there is a heavy itinerary that includes a river cruise on Zambezi River; Johannesburg Petoria tour of museums and where Nelson Mandela lived; Victoria Falls; Masvingo and Zimbabwe. One of my prayers is for God to allow me to see all parts of the earth he created and the people he put on it. I believe he will grant me the desires of my heart. I started a GoFundMe page: I Want to See the Motherland to help me make it on my journey.

Favorite indulgence?

FOOD! I consider myself to be quite the food connoisseur. I would love to be on one of those shows that goes around trying all the good food (and I would have to have a personal trainer by my side at all times). That has to be a good gig getting paid to go eat! Yum. My favorite food is equally pizza and cupcakes (Cup Cake Wars! Yes)! My favorite flavor is strawberry on strawberry buttercream only with a strawberry filling (jelly or moose or icing). My mouth is watering! I love crispy ol Little Caesar's pepperoni pizza! Their Hot-N-Ready is a scrumptious go-to, but a Philly cheese steak or steak and shrimp white sauce pizza is also the business. Let's not forget LOBSTER MACARONI AND CHEESE...oh my goodness, I can talk about food all day! Anyone up for it?

Favorite TV show or movie?

I can't necessarily say that I have a favorite TV show - most of the time I watch sports with basketball being my favorite. I wrote a song titled "I Love NBA Basketball." Besides that, Everybody Hates Chris was a good show, as was Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood, and a new show on TNT called Claws looks interesting. And then there's Creed - something about the love, hunger and fight depicted makes me crave more. Also the movie The War Room was a powerful symbolization of how prayer works and changes things. More people should give it a chance.

Are you a morning or night person?

I'm a anytime person. You have to be ready to bust a move at anytime in the business of setting up blood drives as well as the music industry. I do what I have to do when I have to do it. I stay ready; but I can say my rest is very important to me I'm a big time napper - I squeeze one in whenever I can. I enjoy peace and quiet.

Years in Charlotte?

I wasn't born here, but I was definitely raised here and went to high school and college here. I claim Charlotte as my home. I'm originally from Detroit, MI, the Motor City. Almost all of my family is there besides my mother, grandmother and a couple of cousins. I visit Detroit two weeks out of every year.



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