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Tara Lynn Foster on finding the work you love and empowering one another

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Tara Lynn Foster: love what you do

How are you involved in the Charlotte community?

I work with several organizations here in Charlotte. I love Dress for Success because they help women feel more confident. The YWCA helps women stand independently and find a new kind of success with skill-based education and low or no-cost housing. I also work with Crisis Assistance because of their focus on providing families with immediate help and a strategy for sustainability in the future.

How can we love our work or find the work we love?

Understand your value, feel more confident, and get comfortable getting uncomfortable because you know the reward is going to be worth it. Most of the time we make decisions about what we know—which makes it hard to make decisions about the unknown. I want to help people leap into the unknown.

How do you foster confidence in others?

I am a leadership development speaker and coach. In short, I help people find the confidence they need in order to find their own success! I have a background of more than 20 years in financial services and consulting, process design and leading teams. After several catalyst events and one skydive, I realized I wanted to utilize my skills more, and was ready to take the leap away from corporate. My goal is to help others find practical ways to find confidence and demonstrate value with every interaction.

Why is it invaluable to have a mentor?

I am super passionate about mentors. I have several mentors because they are subject-matter experts I go to for focused support and advice on different topics. I've had mentors who helped me as a small business owner and as a speaker. Mentors have also helped me with practical things like social media and marketing, and with the continuous development of leadership skills.

Favorite spot in Charlotte to enjoy a meal with family?

As a family, we love Mama Ricottas. It holds a lot of great memories.

Tara Lynn Foster Family

This is where my in-laws met my parents and where we celebrate birthdays. It also has a great outdoor area, and you can always count on great service and food. On a sunny day, I love Old Mecklenburg Brewery. We can gather with friends and also bring the kids and let them run around. We also LOVE Pike's Soda Shop. It's a tradition to go on the first day of school. I always look at the menu but can’t resist the honey pecan chicken. It's so good.

How are you helping women network in Charlotte?

I'm president of the local chapter of Ellevate, a network of professional women in Charlotte. Ellevate provides a supportive community for women looking to advance their careers and connect face-to-face with other like-minded women who are committed to empowering one another.

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