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Wes Byant shows "He's got range!"

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Are you a native Charlottean; is your family here?

I was born in Kings Mountain, NC. We moved a little and I came back to Charlotte from the time I was six until I graduated high school. I have been in the Carolinas pretty much all my life sans a year at the University of Florida, Full Sail University, and the couple of years when we lived in Georgia. No matter where I go, I always long to come back. This is truly my home. Right now my family consists of myself and my son. My mother and uncle are the closest to me; my uncle was my father figure.

Have you always known who you are?

My upbringing was great and allowed me to develop my passions at a young age. A lot of the same interests I had then, I have now: music, food and sports. I always felt I had a drive to be successful from a young age, surrounding myself with like minded friends and we pushed each other. My mother (Fonda) always let me know that all possibilities were at my fingertips if I wanted them enough. My childhood really shaped me into the person I am today.

So we heard you played college football!

I went to the University of Florida on a football scholarship before transferring and becoming a three-year letterman and graduating from Wake Forest.

Afterwards, I went to Full Sail University to pursue my passion for music but ultimately came back to sports. I have interned at a TV station, done public address, radio, name it!

So is it music or sports now?

I work in sports media. I worked more tangible jobs while doing the aforementioned odd jobs in sports, before finally getting a full-time gig in production working for the Speed Channel. I currently work for the ACC Digital Network as an on-air personality and production assistant and work part-time in production for Fox Sports.

Of course I also have my passion project: a food and sports show on YouTube titled "Wes Got Range" which highlights my talents and range. The goal of the show is to explore and use my diverse talents and intertwine them with my interests. I attribute my successes to perseverance and believe me, I still plan to do so much more!

If you could be anything…?

My dream career is to be a mogul, where I would create my own content while also continuing to be a presence on television and radio, discussing sports and other topics. I also would love to do a show on Travel Channel or Food Network.

Where do you find the most challenge?

Waiting on opportunity while paying your dues is the toughest part of the profession. You want everything now but you realize everything happens at the right time for the right reasons; you need to be "seasoned" properly to have longevity. It takes a lot of time to become an overnight success.

How are you living the change you want to see?

By creating a new standard of success and showing the younger generation in my family, as well as the African-American community, that truly anything can be accomplished. Being the genesis of a new circle of success in my family while setting my son up for greatness is what motivates me.

Any surprises?

People would be surprised to know how many different genres of music I enjoy listening to. And some of my hidden talents might be a surprise too: I'm a fairly good rapper! I’ve made some pretty good beats in my day.



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