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Founder and Storyteller, Mai-Lis Bahr, launched People of Charlotte to provide a platform for people to share their stories. She publishes stories about everyday Charlotteans, entrepreneurs, causes, and influencers. It is her mission to educate and empower and promote inclusiveness, unity, understanding, community, diversity, and empathy through storytelling. 


Stories have power—they inspire, motivate, and challenge us. Stories help us to not only see others, but to see ourselves more clearly, as we connect with the stories of those in our community; a community that is strengthened by the power that is unleashed by the collective energy of individual stories. 


People of Charlotte provides a place for authentic engagement with real people. Mai-Lis loves seeing the community spirit grow by helping others make new connections through storytelling. Whether you have a personal, product or service story, know that People of Charlotte can connect you to tens of thousands of others. 


Mai-Lis encourages us to remember that everyone has a story… What’s yours?



Storytelling is arguably the most powerful tool for building your brand and story.


IG|FB|T: @peopleofCLT





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