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What happens to a community when different kinds of nuts come together? Let Mr. and Mrs. Peanut show you how a community can grow through diversity.

Mixed Nuts is a must-have story and resource about diversity and inclusion for our growing diverse world, helping children develop positive social attitudes, inclusion, and acceptance. Through the story, the characters ask children to be empathetic and to look at the world in a larger than me way. Unfamiliar characters help them to think about our differences and similarities. Children will learn to appreciate how we are better as a collective, to disengage from fear and engage with curiosity and kindness. 


Readers, listeners, parents, and teachers will appreciate how the story is told in a non preachy way. The discussion section on diversity that follows the story allows for dialogue, self-reflection, and questions. Topics in the discussion section include: 

  • What is diversity?

  • How are we similar?

  • How are we different?

  • What does diversity look like?

  • What is great about diversity?

  • What is challenging about diversity?

Mixed Nuts addresses an often difficult to discuss and sensitive topic that urgently needs to be dialogued with children from preschool and up. 

Written by People of Charlotte Founder, Mai-Lis Bahr, and can be purchased here

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