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I have been a Carolinian since 1998, having moved down from Saratoga Springs, NY. As soon as I arrived in Charlotte, I knew I was home. I found myself a (mostly) NC man and have two children (four if you count our two dogs). As a family, we enjoy spending time in West Jefferson, NC; the mountains of the Carolinas are beautiful!


In 2016, my curiosity about the lives of others lead me to storytelling. So here I am, sharing stories. I have always been a good listener, a story collector, a writer, a thinker, a dreamer, a problem-solver, and optimist, an adventurist, and a doer. My brain is a busy place.


I sing on paper since I cannot sing outloud. Because my own family background is a story in itself, I have always loved learning about the lives of others. I love people, their similarities and their differences. It's all what makes the world go round! 

Founder, Writer, 

Storyteller & Author

Mai-Lis Bahr


Allison is a freelance writer and a regular contributor many print and online media sites. She can be reached at

Check out her book, co-written with her doctor, about thyroid disease: What You Must Know About Hashimoto’s Disease: Restoring Thyroid Health Through Traditional and Complementary Medicine

Writer, Storyteller & Author

Allison Futterman

Vivian Page is an award-winning author of the book, I Forgive You.  She is a writer, a storyteller, and poet. Her personal mission is tp encourage others to share their stories and celebrate their lives through love and creativity. Her words are as follows, "We are all creative beings with beautiful stories to share. Let us open our mouths and speak our truth. The world will forever be changed."

Writer & Storyteller, Author

Vivian Page


Arden loves telling stories. She owns a publicity business called Definita with a mission to help people define themselves in a cluttered marketplace; often through story. She's an expert on a few things and has an opinion on a lot. Her idea of a perfect day involves a beach, a book, and no clouds. Arden's interests, outside of storytelling, include Tar Heel sports, working out until she wants to cry, and dancing to the beat of her own drum. 

Writer, Storyteller, Publicist & Marketer

Arden McLaughlin


North Carolina became my home back in 2000. My husband and I were transferred from San Diego, CA, to Charlotte, NC, with my husband’s career. We thought we would be in Charlotte for two years but there were other plans in store for us.  Three houses, three kids, and two dogs later - we are proud to call Charlotte our home. 


My past work includes sales and marketing with multiple Fortune 500 companies -mostly within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as volunteer work within the educational industry.


I am passionate about children, education, health and people. I have been a board member for multiple PTAs for my children’s schools. Most of my roles have been centered around fundraising. I enjoy volunteering my time because I feel it is important to give back. Fundraising within the educational sector allows me the opportunity to utilize my background in sales to help drive much needed financial support for our schools.

Contributor & Coordinator

Leslie Mueller

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