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Meet Leland the Rescue!

November 08, 2016

Leland was born July 3, 2014 and adopted from the Charlotte Humane Society. They figured she would grow to be a smallish 15 pound beagle mix. She is now 40 pounds, and her DNA test revealed she is actually boxer, Rottweiler, and labrador retriever mix.


Leland loves car rides and once slept an entire 15 hour drive to Michigan - which isn't surprising being that she is not a morning person and usually rolls out of bed around noon. In the car, she loves sticking her head out the window, but only when it's not moving.


Leland is best friends with @maggiethegsd and was very sad when she moved to Denver, Colorado, with her family. Maggie taught Leland everything she knows about chasing and chewing on sticks, including the bigger the stick, the longer it will survive.


One cool thing about Leland is that she is painted in a mural in the new NoDa Brewing taproom on North Tryon St. Leland loves visiting the NoDa taproom where she has become great friends with all the staff, including the three resident brew dogs. Leland is now an honorary Brew Dog and is featured on the NoDa Brewing website with the bio:

"Leland is an alum of the Charlotte Humane Society where she was a standout high jumper. Her tail once knocked over 32 chess pieces in individual succession. Her hobbies include wood chewing, ear and nose nibbling and Sudoku. She lists Grizzly as her boyfriend, but Grizzly claims they are just casual. Leland has been with NoDa Brewing since Spring 2015 and is fluent in six languages."

Meet Pluto!

June 27, 2016

What breed are you and how old? 

I’m 17 months old and my DNA test says I’m a pure bred mutt. They gave my parents their money back since the test was so inconclusive!

Daily routine?

I wake up around 7AM when my mom lets me out of the special dog house they built me under the stairs. Then I take my stuffed Pluto (my BFF) up to the master bedroom to wake Dad up and go through my elaborate stuffed Pluto-licking ritual.

What’s your favorite Instagram photo of yourself?

My favorite has to be the first video they ever shared of me when I’m about to run into the camera. You can see the fear in my eyes when I realize I get to close!

What is your favorite place to fall asleep?

On the couch with Mommy on Sunday afternoons; preferably on the blue fuzzy blanket. This is a recurring activity during football season. Daddy watches football, we sleep.

Favorite toy to chew on?

I can’t get enough of my Busy Buddies puzzle toy

Favorite thing to chew on?

The left sole of Daddy’s brown dress shoes. It must be the left one. 

Who are your mortal enemies?

Those damn birds in our backyard. I don’t let them land. I crashed into the fence the other week making sure the yard was protected. I’m also 100% effective against the invisible backyard monsters that come out at night. Someone has to protect the homestead. 

What is your favorite human food?

Wow. That’s a tough one. Daddy shares his cereal with me every morning and I really like that. I also have a weird obsession with brussel sprout leaves. It’s also fun when Mommy blends bananas and peanut butter together and freezes them during the summer.

Favorite food you’re not supposed to have but steal anyway?

I’m not proud of it, but there was this one incident with a full-length spear of asparagus. I’ll let you use your imagination with how that one ended.

Any advice for your parents?

Yes...stop going to work. It’ll be fine. Just hang out here with me. I’ll teach you how to nap all day then lose your mind running in circles around the backyard at night.

Favorite memory from your first year of life?

My humans set up a reunion with my littermate Watson and his parents. He’s the only dog I’ve met that can keep up with my speed. We had a lot of fun running around the backyard. He’s the best jumper I’ve ever seen. 

What’s one lesson you’ve learned so far in life?

Don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand. I had two foster brothers from a rescue group back in March. At first I was really scared of them; they were so little they didn’t even look like puppies. But then, as I got more comfortable with them we ended up having a lot of fun together. I was sad to see them go but I’m thankful they found good homes just like I did.

Do you have any favorite music?

When I’m left alone at home, my parents leave a radio playing classical music from WDAV on for me. But I’m currently into the Hamilton musical that my parents are frequently singing. Although I don’t appreciate them saying, “You are the worst Burr” to me constantly. 

Best place in the house to sleep?

Wherever there’s a spot of sunshine. My dog house under the stairs is also very cozy and comfy at night.

Favorite activity?

Car! Just car! Whatever involves CAR!

Favorite place to go walking?

I love all the parks and greenways in Charlotte. It’s fun to get off road.

Instagram Idol?

I love checking in on Bosse, a Goldendoodle in Norway who looks like he’s living the life.


June 15, 2016

What breed are you? I'm turning three human years on July 9! 


Do you think you are human or dog? I like to think I'm half Golden Retriever, half Poodle and half Human. Officially, I'm an F2b Goldendoodle...whatever that means. 


Do you get distracted when it comes to squirrels? Well, no matter what I'm doing, I always run as fast as possible to go play with them...BUT they always run away, and my humans can never keep up on their leash.


What's your favorite outdoor activity? Playing “fetch!” My parents throw sticks and balls, and I run to go get them. And then, I wait for them to run to me so they can throw it again. They normally stand at the other side of the field shouting "fetch" for a few minutes. For the life of me, I can't get them trained.


Any bad habits? Sometimes, when my humans are out of the house, I like to help myself to anything that may have been left on the counter: scones, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake…I love them all! They are not happy when I don't share, but they keep leaving me alone with them…sooo!


Any advice for other dogs who want to have a social media presence? Make sure your humans are always ready to catch you in action. 


What's the worst trouble you have ever been in? I think it might have been the time I wanted to see what was under the carpet. And behind the crown molding on the wall. And inside the tufted accent chairs. And inside the couch. 


What's your list of tricks? I can sit, shake, lay down, rollover, give kisses, go get the leash, read books, watch movies, play ping pong, and more!


Favorite Instagram picture of yourself: I like this one! This one is a close second! And then who doesn't like a good throwback!


What's your favorite thing? I like to "go for a ride in the car!!!” SO MANY SMELLS AND THINGS TO SEE!


Bath or mud? #mudbath like this one.


What is an annoying human habit? Okay, EVERYTIME I come back inside from outside, my humans wipe my feet with "baby wipes.” This is the deal they made me for letting me get on all the furniture and sleep on their heads.


Any career aspirations? Well, I like closing business deals. I like to go to the pawfice and help out at my human's company as much as I can. I've been doing it as long as I can remember!


Favorite groomer? I like to get groomed at my Day Care, Dogs All Day.

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Photo credit: Tara Lilly
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