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Alexandra Kaval helps people find their grace space

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People of Charlotte, please meet Alexandra Kaval, a certified professional life coach and founder of Grace Space Christian CoachingAlexandra reminds us that no matter how difficult the path to change or greatness might be, we possess the strength to forge ahead—being stuck or scattered does not have to be a permanent state.

Now, let's get to know Alexandra's story!

Typically when we make a change in our life it's prompted by a self realization. What have you learned about yourself?

For too long, I felt empty no matter how much I filled my calendar. I was battling perfectionism. When it all came to a head, I discovered I was basing my self-worth on what others wanted. 

What did the journey to self improvement look or feel like?

Finding renewal and joy was not a one-day fix. The path can be challenging, but oh so worth it. For me, growth has looked like releasing doubt, overcoming fear, career changes, out-of-state moves, and a continued focus on deepening my relationship with the Lord—with many leaps of faith along the way. I am taking bold steps in my own journey so that I can better serve Him and others (like you!).

As Andy Stanley has said, “Everyone ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.” 

How has your career path changed in response to your own internal growth?

After completing a Masters in Human Resource Development, I started my career about ten years ago in leadership and talent development before pivoting. Now, as a Christian life coach, I help purpose driven women pursue their most intentional, Christ centered lives.

Define "grace space" for us.

My passion is to create a “grace space” for other women where they can experience clarity, experience growth and freedom in Christ, and feel empowered and equipped for what lies ahead. As Andy Stanley has said, “Everyone ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.” 

Describe the individual who often seeks you out.

The women I partner with may be feeling scattered and stuck. I bring careful listening, challenging questions, and proven models to empower them.

Through our work together, my clients transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed. They experience a deep sense of focus and intentionality, rooted in their identity in Christ, with a path for the season ahead. Christian coaching will free you up to intentionally live out your purpose (as it’s done for me!) while more fully loving God, yourself, and others.

Photo by @xo.ehasty

Now let's learn about some of Alexandra's favorites!

Favorite coffee shop? Amelie's

Favorite lunch spot? Yafo Favorite way to stay healthy? Walking around Charlotte

Favorite book? Restless: Because You Were Made for More by Jennie Allen


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