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Ali Alshehri on how storytelling through a lens was inspired by his journey to the US

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

What life lessons came with you to the US from Saudi Arabia?

I came from humble beginnings back home—my parents and l struggled a lot to provide for my siblings. But I’m grateful for their example because they taught me to work hard every single day. I have a deep-rooted desire to be able to provide a much better life for my family one day. I think about how I want to make my kids proud of me when they hear my story and the journey that I went through.

A camera replaced a soccer ball! What's the story there?

I used to play soccer professionally back home in Saudi Arabia. After a pretty bad injury, I decided to move forward with other ambitions. I moved to Canada to learn English for two years. Afterwards, I moved to Columbus, OH, for college and graduated with bachelor degree in accounting.

While attending college, I fell in love with photography and started to learn online by watching tutorials from experts in the field. It’s been two years since I began my photography business. My ambition, talent, and hard work will position amongst the best photographers in this great city.

Photography is much more than taking a picture. Can you share why you fell in love with photography and how it gave your life deeper purpose?

I love photography because I can make people feel beautiful and confident again. As you know, most people are critical of themselves, sadly. I find fulfillment in genuinely uplifting others. It's all part of the process. I use light in many ways, literally and figuratively.

Also, I love capturing real love and emotions. There’s nothing like photographing priceless moments for my clients. I like to think about them looking at their photos a few years from now, reliving moments and emotions that remind them of beautiful times in their lives.

Charlotte has more than a handful of photographers in the area. How do you differentiate yourself?

I promise each one of my clients a positive experience from beginning to end. It's their story and I am just part of that storytelling process. I listen to what story they want their session to tell. Again, I want them to look back on their photos and feel truly connected to the moment and the people in the photograph. Because of my own past, I feel true emotion and connection to people, and in turn, they are really comfortable with me as their photographer. I always deliver a fantastic product. I work hard from beginning to end until each client is happy. My work ethic is something I am equally proud of.

Life is a journey and other people's stories make us reflect. What is one thing that you would like People of CLT to reflect on?

Since I am newer to Charlotte, I have been working really hard to get my name out to promote my business in this beautiful city. Humbly, I would really appreciate it if you shared this post and followed my work, as another way to stay conencted to the amazing people on our city of Charlotte. Life is a journey and I would love to share it with you!

Charlotte is tight. People have a lot of close friendships and sometimes it's difficult to break into their circle—it seems to be about who you know. So being newer to Charlotte has been challenging and exciting at the same time. I love Charlotte and look forward to meeting new people each and every day!

So how can we get in touch with you?

Text me @ 929-478-5827. It's the best way!

Or email me:

Where can we see more of your work and follow you?

Instagram @visual_artistry20


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