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Andrea Logan, strong in mind and body, shares where hard work has taken her

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People of Charlotte, please meet Andrea Logan! Andrea's journey has embraced both vulnerability and strength at the same time. To attain her level of fitness and accomplishment, she never let go, using the power of goal-setting, discipline, and passion to guide her to the top. Andrea's, just when you think you can't, you can, mentality continues to motivate Charlotteans. Her clients have also included some of Hollywood's celebrities.

Now let's get to know Andrea's story!

What is your story's foundation?

Well, I am a small town girl! I don't believe where I grew up is actually a town; it's more like a fishing and shrimping community on the East coast of North Carolina. While it was a small community, I did have some advantages growing up: the beach, my parents were educators, and my family all competed in sports.

It is also probably no stretch to suggest that it was health and fitness that saved me.

Talk to us about hard work!

It was sports that guided me to college. I was blessed to compete in two sports during that time, which began my personal fitness journey. I take great pride in achieving success in sports. In some ways, the payoff from early childhood and teenage hard work, as well as discipline, still guides me in my personal and professional drive for success—achievement is also tied to hard work.

Many people's greatest strengths were born out of adversity. Can you share your journey?

I did have plenty of downs. It is also probably no stretch to suggest that it was health and fitness that saved me. Like many people, I faced my share of demons. Oddly, one of my prides today includes my ability to discuss them. Why pride? For so long my foes were secret foes, my losses were secret losses, and the way I fought the enemies remained a secret. Seriously, when would I have been taught the courage to admit to others, or even myself, that I battled a lack of self-belief, self-confidence, and self-image? I most certainly never thought of telling anyone I used bulimia as a weapon. More bluntly, how would a young person begin to tell someone about the of bags of throw-up that I kept under my bed so no one would hear me in the restroom? Instead, I said nothing and showed only my ever-thinning body as a badge of victory from my battles.

Find something you love about yourself and nature it, expand it.

How did your mindset save you?

My first big accomplishment was realizing the path I was on was not a path that would lead me from here to there. There is the place where we all want to be! I wanted to be where I was happy being me. If I could share any advice with anyone, young or old, it's to set a goal of simply being happy about who you are and who you are capable of being. Find something you love about yourself and nature it, expand it.

Your approach to happiness is holistic. How do you encourage others?

There are several ways that people can find ways to feel good about themselves, but my approach and skills derive from fitness. It's rewarding how fitness can help people, not only with physical health, but mental well-being as well. Accomplishment, improvements, goal attainment, and physical transformation are attainable through fitness.

Your strength eventually landed you at the top. What recognition did you receive?

That resolution led me my true calling—a career bringing fitness and health to others. I opened a CrossFit gym in North Carolina and began helping people on a larger scale. At one point, I was ranked 35th in the world in the female-over-45 category.

You have been a celebrity trainer. Please share!

With the support of a fitness professional friend, I was able to make the move I had dreamed of—I moved to Los Angeles and was immediately hired to train some of the most powerful people in Hollywood. This was the platoon I had dreamed of, training celebrities like Charlie Sheen, working directly with Biggest Loser physician, Dr H., and preparing contestants for television competition shows like Sylvester Stallone’s, S.T.R.O.N.G.

Where are you now in your own fitness journey?

This all leads me to my current journey with great pride—helping to bring a new fitness concept to life. It is called Volofit, a new, national concept that focuses on complete health. Our motto is Transform Yourself. Isn’t that great! We landed on a motto that not only inspires motivation, but one that also speaks to your inner being.

Any closing thoughts that you would like to share?

I am looking forward to this next chapter of dream-chasing, weaving together both fitness and business. After such a rough period in our world, I hope people come together again and perhaps look for me, or us, for fitness inspiration and support. When they do come looking, my goal is to get them there. Where's the best place to follow your story?


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