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Beatrice (Bea) Moise has helped 100s of families achieve a peaceful dynamic

People of Charlotte, please meet Beatrice (Bea) Moise, M.S., BCCS., Board Certified Cognitive Specialist. Bea practices what she preaches and comes from a place of real knowing while helping parents and families live more harmonious, happy lives.

You are a clinician with Southeast Psych. What is your area of expertise?

Parenting is my expertise. I do in-home parenting to help parents with children who have behavioral issues. I help parents create a home organization and structure for daily living. I help them develop rules and discipline and give them the tools to communicate with their children adequately. I guess you can say I’m like Charlotte’s super nanny!

You meet with parents and children who need help with executive functioning. How do parents know when they have reached the tipping point and need outside help from someone like yourself?

I meet with parents of children with any behavioral challenges. Typically, I get a referral when parents feel like they have tried everything, but nothing is working at home. They want to create a peaceful home and family dynamic and interaction. They generally want to enjoy parenthood and being together as a family.

We first met you before last year's AspieCon. The 2019 event is on April 6th. Who should attend and what will they gain?

AspieCon is for EVERYONE. The goal of AspieCon is to be a resource fair for parents and caregivers of children on the autism spectrum, but also be a fun and interactive event for the children who are attending. It’s fueled by mental health clinicians from the Southeast Psych Aspire team—Aspire inspires and serves people on the autism spectrum, believing in the gifts of the uniquely wired mind. As a member of Aspire, I help parents with parenting on the autism spectrum.

Our personal experiences and lives often guide us in our work. Does this hold true for you?

Yes, it does. I have always had a passion for working with children the autism spectrum. I started my professional career as a behaviorial therapist and knew this was the population of individuals I wanted to continue working with. When my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, I knew my life immediately came full circle. Jacob has provided not only the personal touch, but also has added the unexpected benefit of being able to parent on the spectrum, truly.

Can you tell us more about A Child Like Mine, LLC.?

I created a Child Like Mine, LLC to help educate families on the autism spectrum. I have a different stance, being a mental health clinician with years of experience with children on the autism spectrum and having a son with autism. I want to share my knowledge, struggles, and triumph that have personally impacted me. A Child Like Mine shares my journey with others—I hope to be able to touch as many lives as possible. I share the struggles and wins that I have had with Jacob, along with the sibling relationship with his younger sister, Abby, who is neurotypical growing up with a brother who is uniquely wired.

Many publications seek your expertise. Where can we find your articles?

I currently have a monthly blog printed on Charlotte Parent Magazine called “Thrive.” I can give advice about parenting and educate others and tie it back to Jacob and Abby. It is an absolute dream. You can also read several advice articles I have written on and

Advice for frustrated parents? Frustrated kids?

Re-evaluate your communication style. Often changing something as simple how you communicate with your child can lessen the negative interaction that you may be experiencing. Tone and timing can make a big difference with being heard versus being shut out.

Charlotte Shoutouts?

I LOVE Bechtler Museum of Arts for me, and as a family, we go to ImaginON uptown. Freedom Park has been the backdrop for our family photoshoots for years, and we still have yet to use the same location twice. I love Firebirds for a beautiful date night and can’t get enough of Bad Daddy's in Ballantyne.

Connect with Beatrice (Bea) Moise, M.S., BCCS., Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, on Instagram and Twitter!


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