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Catching up with Author turned Playwright, Teresa Howell: my journey is a walk of faith

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

That Church Life Author Teresa B. Howell knows how to write drama filled books that will draw the reader completely into her stories. Her trilogy has been turned into a stage play! The first performance will be on 11/10/18 at the Hayti Heritage Center in Durham, NC.

The last time we spoke you completed your first book. What has happened since then? That Church Life 2 and 3 have been released since the last article written. The trilogy remains on the top 50 of Amazon African American Christian Fiction list and has received major notoriety. I have been on television, interviewed with over 55 radio station and podcast shows. I have also been featured in Huffington Post and rated top 50 books for 2017. Because the popularity of the trilogy soared, the book has been turned into a stage play. I plan to travel with the play to seven cities within the next nine months.

Why did you decide to make the book into a play? Readers really enjoy the trilogy and always ask for more after each book. I thought it would be fun to bring each character to life and allow the audience to see the wide range of my artistic abilities. I have always been a fan of theater/arts and turning the books into a stage play came easy for me. I did receive help along the way but I already had the vision of what the stage production would look like.

What do you want people to learn from your books and your stage play? I want them to realize that even in a time of trouble, keep their eyes on God. The three girls in the book go through a variety of challenges in the church that are overlooked or never talked about. I had the courage to talk about domestic violence and child molestation that happens in the church but never talked about. My first intent was to share the story with a few. Now my intent is to share the story with the world.

What do you want readers to learn from your life? That I am not the absolute perfect writer. I strive to perfect my craft daily and that my journey is a walk of faith because I believe that this story will go far. Portions of these books stem from my own personal experiences and I know someone will be blessed with this kind of story.

How many cast members are performing in the upcoming play? There are 12 individuals that are very experienced and eager to follow this journey to the end.

What’s next for Teresa B. Howell? I will be releasing another book before the end of the year. I will also soon announce which cities will get to experience the stage play. I truly believe this is my calling. I enjoy what I do.

What started this journey? The loss of a loved one sparked the writing journey. Thus, I found my passion for writing and sharing with others.

Is your family supportive of your new endeavor?

Absolutely. My family will move mountains in order for me to succeed.

To learn more about Teresa B. Howell, visit her website or connect with her online.


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