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Gavin Boulware is hosting a Photo Walk event in Uptown Charlotte this weekend

Photographer and Paid in Exposure Podcast host, Gavin Boulware, is hosting a Photo Walk event in Uptown Charlotte to provide mentorship opportunities and resources to creatives in the Charlotte area. This event will encourage creatives to embrace their individuality and develop self esteem, and raise awareness for International Albinism Day.

The United Nations declared June 13th as International Albinism Awareness Day to promote and protect the rights of individuals living with albinism. Across the world, individuals with Albinism are dealing with both ordinary and life threatening obstacles and prejudices. Charlotte-based photographer and Host/Creator of the Paid in Exposure Podcast Gavin Boulware has used the lessons he’s learned and challenges he has overcome as a Black creative who has dealt with Albinism throughout his life to mentor and create safe havens for introverted photographers, especially those of color. This summer, Boulware will cultivate awareness about Albinism through special mentorship opportunities, a podcast episode and events, including the second annual Uptown Charlotte Photo Walk that will also take place on Sunday, June 13th.

Boulware started the Photo Walk event last year in order to provide a fun and interactive resource for photographers to enhance their skills, grow their business and most importantly, learn how to embrace their uniqueness and use it to enhance their craft. At this year’s Photo Walk event, participants will be able to receive one-on-one instructions on posing, lighting techniques and composition, shadow Boulware as he works with professional models and conducts a photoshoot and learn how to cut your photoshoot time in half with interactive workshops.

"Early on in my life, I was taught to love myself unconditionally. Being an artist isn't the most glamorous job. The pay isn't always life changing. Some go a lifetime without being recognized and the battle with anxiety can be unbelievable. However once you walk through the doors of self love, everything changes. I strive to teach that weekly and I pray it makes a difference,” says Boulware.

The Paid in Exposure Podcast also release a podcast episode on June 11th to discuss his experiences coping with discrimination and bullying and encouraging photographers to embrace their individuality and express their self love in art. This episode will also feature interviews with professional models and photographers to discuss how they overcame anxiety and insecurities to become high-performing professionals in their fields.

Boulware started the Paid in Exposure Photography Podcast, Charlotte's only photography podcast catered to Black and Brown Photographers, in the fall of 2019 as a space for entertainment where photographers could share experiences of their day-to-day journeys as creatives of color. New episodes are released weekly on each Friday.

For more information, please contact Gavin Boulware at or (704) 728-6558.


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