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Jennifer Cook and her ministry of love and inspiration

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

CEO & Founder, Jennifer C. Cook of Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure.

What life events inspired you to lift others?

It is through my various experiences in life that I have been catapulted into launching Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure. My most significant accomplishment was tackling my own self-esteem by losing weight; as of today, I’m down 70 pounds. Most would not have known that I was unhappy with my image because the bright, bold and beautiful smile that remained a constant on my face. I take great pride in presenting myself in a stylish manner to show others that you can be classy, confident, and courageous simultaneously.

How has positvity been threaded into your life?

I am gifted with the ability to lift people up in words and in deeds, even when I am not feeling my best. I can recall many of my friends, from my youth to current day, always saying to me how positive of a person I am, how I inspire them.

Does your faith guide your life?

The life I have chosen to live is one that is God-fearing, therefore I am not always afforded the opportunity of comfort and ease but of challenge, change, and charter. My strength comes from my heavenly father - motivational speaking is what I was created to do.

How are you taking a stance and why?

I like to think of myself as the "Triple 'C' CEO" because I strive to consistently builds class, confidence, and courage. My love for people spans generations but my focus is on helping girls and women overcome and conqueror the negative images portrayed in media and other forms of entertainment that depict us in an unfavorable manner. I’m personally frustrated and tired with the nonsense that is allowed for public consumption. I’ve learned that what people take into their hearts and minds become a part of their thought process whether good, bad or indifferent. The time has come to disarm and destroy the negative connotations. It started with me, by becoming a community of one, to make a difference.

The aim of Fashion the Mind, Fashion the Figure is to present the alternative through motivational speaking in forums such as workshops, panel discussions, mentoring, and educational alignment opportunities. It’s time to reinforce, reconstruct and reinvent positivity in the mind of people so that what’s on the inside of one’s temple will eventually manifest externally in their actions, conversations and overall lifestyle.

Have you ever experienced a miracle?

I am the proud single parent of James A. Barr, III who I often refer to as my miracle baby.



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