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JT Speller: Do all you can, while you can, before you no longer can!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

People of CLT, meet JT—an ambitious nonprofit founder, writer, and TV host on The On Channel.

What do you love about Charlotte?

The Panthers—I have been a Panther fan since their inception! I also love how Charlotte is always changing. That’s my favorite aspect of the city.

How do you approach each day?

The simple fact that time is short and tomorrow is not promised. That drives me and influences a lot of projects that I become a part of.

Tell us how you are making a difference through BeBrite!

When it comes to giving back, I partner with others who are trying to make a difference, no matter how small or big. I created my organization, BeBrite, four years ago. Through the organization, we have had numerous events, as well two Haiti mission trips where we took 180 new pairs of shoes and 250 reusable water bottles to their country. We are geared towards making a difference in those who lives need help, and we do not limit our projects which gives us a wide range of different activities and possible partnerships.

What makes you smile and stand tall?

I am proud to be on a TV show called Queen City Fame. Season two airs this fall! My segment alongside my co-host, Jaylen Meeks, is called "Let's Find Out." It’s certainly can’t miss TV.

Queen City Fame is a web-based TV series that highlights interesting people and places here in the Queen City. The show is now in its second season and was the second most watched show on the network for season one. We venture around Charlotte bringing jokes and charisma to people while providing insight into what the city is buzzing about: entertainment news, fashion, pop culture, hidden gems, restaurant row features, behind the scenes production views, exhibits and festivals. We love food, fashion, and cool things to do here in Charlotte.

Read more here!

Someone told us you’re a writer. How do you hope to make a difference through the written word?

I am passionate about writing and just self-published my first book titled The End of Summer which is full of poetry. I only write when I have inspiration—only writing streamlined thoughts to evoke pure emotions, so it's felt in the writing itself. I am hopeful that my book helps those who struggle in life by showing them they are not alone.

Check out my book via or via Amazon:

Here is an example of my work:

"Waking up Next to You"

Each day is priceless I awake seeing her

Unexplainable moments having her near

Butterflies that flutter and never sleep

Gazing into her eyes my heart smiles

With beauty that is unmatched for miles

She’s a dumpling wrapped in love

A queen with lips that are made of gold

Her hair is curly and dark but giveth life

Her skin is silky smooth like caramel

She’s the perfect balance of melanin

She’s refreshing like freshly brewed coffee

I can’t start my day without a kiss

Each one sends me on ride full of bliss

When we touch, she warms my soul

A life to live with her I long for

To awake next to her is what I live for

I love her with such precision

To make her happy is my mission

She is a rare treasure unlike any other

I’ve found her and I search no further

What’s downtime look like for you? When I am not writing, hosting a TV show, doing charity work with my organization, or coaching youth sports, I enjoy the simple life. My favorite TV show of all time is King of The Hill and The Office. Give me a marathon of those and food, and I am one happy Charlottean.

I love to stay busy and living in Charlotte where there are a million and one positive activities to join! So I believe everyone should get involved and make a difference!And speaking of making a difference, I have been coaching sports like soccer, basketball and flag football, for more than 12 years.

Are you a native of Charlotte?

I am from Charlotte, NC, the big Queen city!

Alma mater?

I graduated from UNC Charlotte.

Favorite restaurant?

Mr. 3's Crabpot

Favorite sports team?

Panthers / Hornets

Favorite quick bite?

Cookout! I love Cookout, all my friends know I love that place.

Favorite hangout spot?

Freedom Park is my favorite spot to hang, lots of things to do there: bikes, scooters, running or just a casual lunch by the lake.

Favorite quote?

"Do all you can, while you can, before you no longer can." -JT Speller


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