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Kimberly Mohns Roberts is just perfect

Where are you from?

Grew up in Montgomery, central New Jersey.

How are you different from your family?

I was one of four children. I enjoyed sports, but really lost interest by high school. This made it hard to relate to my family who is full of athletes. I felt like an island, as I was more interested in art and fashion.

Years in Charlotte?

It will be nine years in August. My husband and I were attending Penn State and we decided we wanted to get out of the tristate area and try something new. We transferred down to Charlotte where he could play tennis at Queens University and I could attend JWU.

What's your family like?

Husband of four years, have been together for 11 years

Three-year-old daughter Brooklyn

One-year-old daughter Amelia

One dog, a Puggle, named Mercedes


Graduated from JWU Charlotte with BS in Marketing

How did you transition from corporate America to writing?

I am currently a full-time mom and author of children’s book, Just Perfect. After graduating from college, I began a career in marketing and social media, working for a few Fortune 500 companies in the Charlotte Area. I then decided that I needed to do something more impactful. So, after taking some time away from corporate America, once my second daughter Amelia was born, I began writing. It didn’t happen overnight and I didn’t even think it would turn into something I would pursue. But once the message about being just perfect the way you are came into fruition, I knew this is something I had to complete and get out there.

How has your past shaped the present?

It’s driven by personal experience. I battled depression and anxiety as a teenager. And in that time, I attempted to take my own life. Unfortunately, my boyfriend wasn’t so lucky to survive his attempt. So I experienced my own personal struggles, seeing the suffering of my family and friends and then losing someone close to the same illness.

Now I am a happy mother of two girls and I trying to make a difference. This isn’t just a book. This is bigger than me. That’s why I am donating 5% of proceeds to charities that support children and the betterment of their futures.

What is your children's book about?

This ballerina and her mother have a life lesson to share. All too frequently girls look at themselves in the mirror and see hippo bellies or flamingo legs. The loving mother reminds her daughter that her body is perfect just the way it is.

Where can your book be purchased?

What inspires you?

My two girls inspire me every day. I don’t want them, or any other child, to go through what I did; to feel the same self-doubt and insignificance. I want them to learn to love themselves despite what anyone else might say to them. So every night when I am tucking my girls into bed, I whisper to them that they are “smart, beautiful and just perfect," in hopes that they will never question it.

What causes/charities are you involved with?

What do you love about Charlotte?

Charlotte is the city where I found myself. My husband and I finished up college and then decided to stay. Coming from the tristate area, Charlotte is a nice balance of city life, suburbia, including quick trips to the mountains and beach. The 600-mile distance, gave me time to work on myself and my relationship with my family was better for it. Charlotte is now everyone’s favorite place to visit and I love calling it my home.

Where did you have your book launch?

I was so fortunate to celebrate my book launch at the Charlotte School of Ballet. Owner Gay Porter, has been part of the community for over 20 years. She has devoted her life to teaching children not only the practice of ballet but also self-confidence, cooperation, discipline and dedication. Hosting this event just reinforces her commitment to bettering our children.

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