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Lacey Biggerstaff and her big hair ideas, doing what you love, and yes, the Ed Sheeran story is true

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Favorite daytime hangout spot?

Outlaw Hair Co. This place is truly my second home. Jess and I spent a lot of time planning out every detail of the studio and making it the coolest, yet most functional, that it can be. I also get to share it with my best friend! This is my happy place, for sure!

What makes the Outlaw Hair space so chic?

Where else can you go get beautified, hang out at a bar, sip a beverage, while being gifted the freedom to choose what record to spin on the turntable? Our rustic vibe reminds me of the past, present, and future. We like to incorporate all of those things into our vibe. Staying on trend is key as a hairstylist, but Jess and I are also very big on keeping true to our roots. Our space allows us to feel like we’re back where we grew up, but also constantly inspires us to always push for more in life.

So how do you approach a styling session?

I like to take a client’s entire story into consideration during the styling consultation. When you first sit down with me, I want to know every little detail about your hair. It’s important for me to really listen to what your hair goals are and also where your hair has been in the past. I want you to do most of the talking before I provide any feedback. That allows me to get a sense of who you are and the hair that is going to best fit your lifestyle.

What are some of the questions you ask a client?

  • Any pictures of hairstyles or colors that you can show me?

  • How much maintenance and styling are you able to keep up with?

  • What is your current hair routine?

  • What products and styling tools do you use?

  • Are you adventurous or do you like to play it a little safer?

  • How often do you like to come into the hair studio?

  • What’s your favorite/least favorite things about your hair

  • What's your favorite record :)

  • What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to:)

Let’s go back to the bar for a second. What’s the story there?

When Jess and I were in the midst of designing our hair studio, we knew that we were working with limited space, therefore every piece has to be functional. The bar allows us to hide all of our tools as well as doubling as a "front desk." Most importantly, it gives our guest a place to relax and hide away from their stressful lives. Nothing makes us happier than seeing guests have a beer at the bar together.

How do you respond if a client asks for a style that you are not completely onboard with?

Well first of all, it is your head of hair. You have to be comfortable and excited to be you, which includes how you wish to express yourself through your hair. I really, really listen to make your vision of you happen. Now if you show me a picture of hair that is a completely different texture, wanting your hair to do the same, I honestly let you know that sometimes it’s just not possible. At the end of the day, if you want hair that doesn’t technically match your skin tone, face shape etc, but it would make you feel like a rockstar, then that’s what’s important!

How did you find the courage to go out on your own with your business partner at such a young age?

When you’re passionate about what you do, the fear simply goes away. I love having the freedom to craft our hair studio into what we envision. Being able to do that with your best friend eases a lot of the burden. Jess and I never claim to be experts in the business world, but we do our best and we have a great team of support behind us. No matter what, I have Jess’ back and she has mine, and that’s why it works for us!

You call your business partner, Jess, your hair sister. We love that because it speaks to a strong and genuine relationship. Tell us more about your sister!

I like to say I found my soul sister! I grew up with two brothers and always felt like I missed out on having a sister. Jess is the oldest of five siblings, so she is the best sister that the world has to offer. I know we both cherish the sisterly bond that we have. We met while working at the same salon and quickly realized that we have the same hair vision and value system. We also like to call ourselves “hair nerds!” We speak the same language, in hair and in life! Seriously I think sometimes we speak in code to each other but we don’t realize that we’re doing it!

So what do “hair nerds” get excited about?

We love discussing the science behind hair color. You will hear us enthusiastically asking about what color and technique the other is using. You have to be constantly learning to stay on top of the best hair techniques in order to provide the best service. Helping each other succeed adds another layer of joy that we both experience each day. It’s like a continuing ed collaboration.

Let’s get a little more technical. Can you give any hair nerd facts?

To truly understand hair, you have to understand the chemical makeup of hair, the color process, and reactions. You have to be a nerd to get into the education behind it all and to stay current. It's all about chemistry.

Hair typically grows about a forth of an inch in four weeks. Depending on the length of your hair, after the four week mark, your haircut will start to loose its shape. Every hair on your head grows at a different speed so all of your clean lines will be gone!

Your hair won't naturally do, what it doesn’t naturally do. I know that sounds obvious, but I have so many people in my life whose main challenge is styling their hair. Their hair is too fluffy, it’s lacking volume, it doesn’t hold a curl, or it’s too much of a beast to even try! Hair product is the answer to all of this. Hair product is your friend and it will give a helping hand to whatever challenges you are having with your hair. It's only here to benefit you and make your life easier, if you’re using it correctly!

Have you always been into hair?

I didn't always know I wanted to be in the hair business. Surprisingly, I grew up as a tomboy, only wearing mascara for the first time at age 17. When I quickly fell in love with the art of makeup, I knew I wanted to attend school to learn the craft. However, I realized my options were limited in Charlotte, so I decided to study hair as well as makeup. Once starting hair school, I realized how diverse the hair world is and it quickly became my favorite thing in the world!

Where did you complete your studies and officially become a hair nerd?

The Paul Mitchell School in Gastonia.

Any partnerships or friendships that you have made in the business?

My first shoutout goes to Jess of course! Jess and I love the guys who started Queen City Beard Co. They are such an awesome group—they aren’t hairdressers or barbers, they're just guys with awesome beards who couldn’t find any beard product that they loved, so they made their own! We have tons of other friends in the Charlotte business owner world and we cherish those connections! We love to support other local businesses any way that we can. Any other business owners out there that want to be friends?? Let us know!

Tell us a little about Jess!

Well first of all, she is fabulous! Jess is the eldest of five, originally from East Tennessee, and is the best sister in the entire world! She is quite the busy gal being an amazing mom to her two-year-old boy and four-year-old girl, being a wife, and running this crazy hair home with me. We love creating hair together, grabbing breakfast before work as often as we can, and seeing as much live music as possible! Fun fact: the first time Jess and I spent time together outside of the salon was at a Kacey Musgraves concert! We are so excited to see Willie Nelson soon at Outlaw Music Festival! Is it a coincidence that our salon is called Outlaw Hair Co?? I think not!

Favorite thrift stores or bargain shops?

Easiest to maintain hair color and style?

Balayage! Balayage allows you to work with your natural hair color, so it eliminates any harsh grow out lines. I have guests who rock their balayage for about six months with a haircut and topcoat in between to keep it fresh!

Any before and afters?

Here is People of CLT Founder, Mai-Lis' hair! Mai-Lis added layers and low maintenance balayage. Don't you love it!

Spring hair trends?

Big braids and hair scarfs!!

What did you do for your last birthday?

I had a facial, a lash lift from Brows by Hillary, saw the Eagles in concert, and bought really cool crushed velvet boots from Buffalo Exchange.

Is it true? Did you really meet Ed Sheeran?

Umm, yessss! I was given the opportunity to cut Ed’s stage crew and production teams' hair when they played here at the Spectrum Center. While Ed himself didn’t need a haircut (he just attended a music award show), he did come in to say hello several times. He was really friendly and kind but also a total goofball. His team was so much fun, talkative, and appreciative. They are some of the coolest people I’ve ever worked with. It was a really cool experience. When I called a friend to come join me at the show, I had to tell her why I was there about four times because she didn’t believe me!

Any hair tips?

Your hair doesn’t have any memory until is about 80% dry. Any work that you’re doing before that isn’t making a big impression on your hair—so start out without a brush and make sure that you’re always pointing the blowdryer down the hair to prevent frizz. Then incorporate a paddle brush or a round brush in the last bit of blow drying to get the smoothest looks possible.

The messier the better! If you’re going for an effortless look, focus your time on reducing frizz and adding moisture. Healthy, shiny hair is alway in style!

If you have challenges with hold, try to incorporate more texturizing products. Hair that is too soft is definitely a challenge, so try to use a salt spray or mousse to create more texture and grit!

Favorite music/musicians/records?

My favorite will always be Fleetwood Mac. No one will ever replace them in my book and our Rumours album is definitely the most played in the salon. I also love Ed Sheeran, Julia Michaels, Lewis Watson, Mandolin Orange (thanks Paul!) Shakey Graves, CCR, the Eagles, Miranda Lambert… I could go on for days. Oh and most importantly, One Direction:)

Favorite music festivals?

We’re so excited for River Jam to start back up this year! And we can’t wait for Outlaw Music Festival!

Favorite shows?

Jess and I are obsessed with Parks and Rec right now. I'm also a huge fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Office, The 100, and obviously, Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna are my spirit animals.

How can our hair find you?

Facebook @OutlawHairCo

Instagram @OutlawHairCo



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