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Let me introduce you to Henry.

Let me introduce you to Henry

I’ve met him a dozen times out and about - outside of various public places

He always stated to anyone willing to listen that he was hungry I always got him a hot meal.

This evening feeling annoyed, I did the usual with angst

I have to, more than want to

Halfway home, I turned around He was where I found him I parked my car And I sat next to him on the bench

Henry, what’s your story?

He proceeded to tell me he was 62

He lost his wife six months ago

He has a bad back and is down on his luck

I asked him if he had any thing that had "mastered" him, such as drugs or any kind of addiction? He said no.

I said great! Now, Henry, I do not believe anyone is a victim Life is tough, unfair, cruel

But you are a child of the most high God You are royalty

Do you have any idea who you are?

He did love God but needed to be reassured and reminded

So that’s what I did

Preaching to myself

Listen Henry, God is not finished with you Rise up and walk Good work is always in high demand Serve and use your God-given talents and strength to do your best work Eventually, if not immediately, you will be paid

And, most importantly, God it’s not a respecter of persons HE Love you, as much as he loves the newborn, as much as he loves me (sinner), as much as he loves the beloved Billy Graham.

You have great value! Love as you have been loved Forgive as you have been forgiven Show mercy and grace as you have been shown

Wrap your mind around that and live This life is but a vapor

Rise up and walk in who you were created to be A victorious son of the most high!

I told him I love him and I’m gonna be praying for him

And I asked him to pray for me Then we both cried in an embrace



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