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LaShanda Millner-Murphy will have you looking red carpet ready

Updated: Jan 30, 2019


Winston-Salem, NC. I now reside in Charlotte, NC. I have been in the Carolinas all of my life and even attended college at UNC Charlotte, where I received a degree in Business.

How did your upbringing help shape you?

My mother was a second and third shift nurse, so my amazing father took care of me; as a result, I was exposed to many of his businesses, as well as my grandfather's businesses - service stations and a saw mill. Often, my childhood environment was around many men because of their businesses, which included dirty and oily areas. I was definitely a daddy's girl who was given everything I wanted (clothes, cars, etc) - but I always had to prove that I earned it.

Family stats?

Father - entrepreneur

Mother - retired nurse

Husband - HR with City of Charlotte

Son - 16 year old professional race car driver


Life Coach Certification

Etiquette Coach for Carolina School of Etiquette



How does your career enrich your own life, as well as the lives of others?

I enjoy helping women over the age of 40 discover their TRUE style which starts with an inner understanding of any struggles that has caused them not to permanently experience their TRUE outer appearance. Once that's discovered, it’s rewarding to help them create their own style which results in greater confidence.

Your career began much earlier than most?

Yes! I opened my very own boutique at the age of 16 in Winston Salem. I began by building my customer base within the faith-based industry in the Virginia and North Carolina areas.

What drives you to help women feel more confident?

It’s amazing when women open up and truly want to experience the breakthrough of discovering their true style. Women tend to want to look great and feel great on special occasions; I feel women deserve this feeling everyday no matter the occasion (work, vacation, downtime). Clothing can be a piece of this happiness.

Tell us about your hobby and how you relax:

Writing has become a hobby in the last two years. The process has allowed me to gather and organize all that I have learned in my area of expertise - which is helping me prepare to write my next book. I also love lying out in the sun and reading fashion books with a good cup of coffee.

What energizes you?

I am passionate about my business which provides services that help women make a positive transformation; they get to look back and see how amazing the experience was throughout the process. I am also motivated to learn and implement new ideas that will enhance my business. Listening to motivational speeches from women like Lisa Nichols, Sandra Yancey, and Oprah's NOW channel offer another level of energy as well.

What charities are you involved with?

I am involved in Dress for Success, support Communities in Schools, volunteer in Mecklenburg County Schools in Charlotte, support my son's non-profit PROJECT Share (supporting homeless youth), and sit on the Board of Ladihood.

What do you love about the Carolinas?

The Carolinas are located very close to relaxing beaches that I love to enjoy!


I will take two- or three-day vacations just to keep myself refreshed; when I do take longer vacations, I travel to the islands. As for cities, I love visiting Chicago because all the food is excellent.

What outdoor activities do you enjoy?

Mostly, my outdoor activities involve going to car races to see my son who races on Nascar series race tracks.

What challenges do you find yourself thinking about?

Keeping up with the ever changing ways of doing business and getting business is always a challenge: do you hire someone, do you do it on your own, do you create new offerings in your business, or do you enhance what you already have? When you have a business, there are so many questions and considerations to keep up with!

Where do you see yourself retiring?

The Carolinas because this is where home is, but I will still travel many places...first to Hawaii!

Any favorite spots in the Carolinas?

I love the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

Who is one of your influencers?

My father has always had a positive impact in my business life. He is the reason why I now have 32 years in this industry; he introduced me to beautiful clothing, helped me open my first boutique, and taught me what I know about running a business.

Favorite TV series?

Sex in the City because of fashion and friendship.

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I had every boy’s toy in the world because my dad may have wanted a boy: I had mini trail bikes, a race car, dirt bikes, and more. And yes, I did enjoy them all!

What would you do if money wasn’t in the equation?

I would speak around the world and spread the word about the importance of image while meeting people of many cultures and interviewing them on their styles.



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