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Meghan Hampton is helping babies in the NICU

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Tell us about the charity you founded:

My mom and I started a charity five years ago to give thanks to the NICU at Levine Children’s Hospital and Charlotte Fetal Care for saving my daughter Scottie’s life as well as honoring her twin, Kate, who passed away at birth. We hold an annual event called In the NIC of Time. This year’s event is Friday, March 11th at the Fillmore located in Charlotte.

We have accomplished so much in the five short years since we started the event: with over $305,000 raised, we have bought a life saving laser used in twin pregnancies, funded research, and installed webcams throughout the NICU and progressive care nurseries so families can see their babies when they can’t physically be there with them. This has by far been one of my proudest accomplishments. I love hearing stories from families who have been impacted by what we have accomplished. I have an amazing committee that has made what we do possible. If you would like to learn more and the fund or donate, click on the logo below.

So you are a true Charlottean?

I was born and raised right here, in Charlotte. I went to College of Charleston where I met my husband, Steve. I came back to Charlotte post college for a job and brought him with me. We have three kids: Ella is eight, Scottie is five, and Jake is four.

Although we miss Charleston, we love being in Charlotte- it is the perfect city to raise a family. I feel really fortunate to be within a few miles from my parents, as well as my brother and sister-in-law and my precious nephew.

What is your occupation?

I never know what to say when asked this question. I have had a long career in the pharmaceutical sales world and still dabble in it. In fact, this is where I met my longtime, dear friend and other business partner, Mai-Lis Bahr. We have created two clothing companies together, Addie & Ella and Be3 Athletics. We have been in the design and manufacturing world as a team for the last seven years. I certainly met my match in a partner who likes to keep her plate as full as mine on any given day. Our business venture has been incredibly challenging but so much fun. We will always have great memories and stories to tell about trips to market, touring and getting lost in LA searching for buttons, to seeing one of our coats on Suri Cruz in People Magazine. It is always exciting to be out and about and see a child wearing something you created. In fact, it just happened the other day. It’s a really neat feeling and it never gets old. I’m not going to lie, there is always a feeling of shock too that someone actually bought a piece that we created:)!

You certainly have a lot of ambition. How do you handle it all?

Balancing is by far my biggest challenge. I know I am in good company with every other working mom out there when I say that. I think I could be a strong contestant in a serious competition of who can squeeze an hour worth of stuff into 30 minutes. I definitely tend to take on more than I should, but at 37, I’m accepting that is part of who I am. I fully acknowledge that it is not an admirable quality and is actually quite the contrary because nothing is being given 100%. I’m trying to work on this.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my health. I think years in the pharma world can give you a unique perspective on the outrageous numbers of preventable diseases just by taking care of yourself. I am always reading and learning about our foods and exercise is a must. It is my one hour just for me. I love it and I love the friends I have met through working out.

What motivates/inspires you?

There are so many things that motivate me. I am always inspired by strong women. I find women entrepreneurs fascinating. There is always a great story behind them and there is so much wisdom. The whole lesson that you heard growing up about quality vs quantity is so true. I feel blessed to have some really amazing people in my life, and they inspire me to be a better person in all areas- a better friend, and a better mom and spouse.

Favorite vacation spot?

Kiawah Island will always hold a special place in my heart. Our family has been vacationing there every summer since I was little. Outside of the Carolinas, we loved experiencing the breathtaking views of Montana at Covered Wagon Ranch.



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