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Raschelle Reynolds is looking for her birth mom: update, found!

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

You are looking for your birth mother. Where were you born?

At the age of 17, my birth mother conceived and then gave birth at the age of 18. On April 20, 1987, I came into the world at Piedmont Medical Hospital, Rock Hill, SC.

Your birth mother wrote you a letter. What did she say?

My birth mother wrote me a letter saying how much she loved me, how her father meant the world to her, and she didn't want me to miss out on having a father in my life. She wanted nothing more than to give me a normal life and decided to give me up for adoption, with the support of her family.

How did your birth mother initially stay in touch with you?

For the first year of my life, the adoption agency, PTL Heritage House, required the adoptive family to send pictures of me to my birth mother through the agency. My birth mother and her family were allowed to send gifts and letters to me. And they did! In one letter, she told me that she played the violin and that she was applying to college to major in business.

Tell us about a success you have had in your search so far:

I was with a foster mother until I was three weeks old. My foster mother recently found me through my search, so I know I am reaching people and getting closer.

Tell us about a success you have had in your search so far:

We think my birth mom's family resided in Greenville, SC. My birth grandfather sent me a statue of a little girl holding a lamb. My birth uncle was eight years old when I was born and sent me several teddy bears.

How can people follow you or give you information?

As the years have gone on, I long for nothing more than to reconnect with the woman who gave me life. While taking one step at a time with lots of patience, I know that no matter the outcome we will complete our mission! Please like and share my Facebook page and help me solve my mystery! Please share this story too. Thank you!



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