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Behind the scenes with TV and media host, Yulieth Franco

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Where are you from?

Medellin, Colombia.

How did you get to the Carolinas?

My two daughters, Mariana and Maria Antonia, inspired me to move to North Carolina. I wanted them to have the privilege of learning the English language and experiencing the American culture. Also, my father and siblings have been living in the Carolinas for many years, supporting my decision to move here almost two years ago.

What is your profession?

I graduated with a bachelors in arquitectural design from Arturo Tejada University. I ran my own company for 12 years before deciding to move to Charlotte. I currently work at Norsan Media, Charlotte’s number 1 Hispanic Media company, in promotions for our Mexican regional format radio “La Raza 106.1” and our Latin Pop radio station “Latina 102.3.”

On Fridays, I co-host Charlotte's #1 Hispanic sports show, “Foro Deportivo,” which airs on Pepe 1310/1060am. I am also a sports presenter for Estrella Channel 16, Charlotte's first local Hispanic TV Channel.

How did you get into the world of media?

When I got to Charlotte, like every other immigrant, I was looking not only for a job but a career. Due to the fact that my English speaking skills are very basic, I had to search for companies where I could work speaking my native language which led me to Norsan Media. I began as a sales reps which opened many doors within the company thus launching my career in T.V.

What is like to be on television?

It’s very rewarding! Being on TV has given me the tools to help my community have better interactions and ties within themselves. Keeping them informed in their native language about sports, businesses, news, events, health, and any other topic might help them acculturate current events better. It’s also great because it helps me network with people to amplify my social circle. I have a lot of fun at work, and I’ve had the fortune of working with an amazing and supportive team who have helped me get better every day- considering this is the first time I have been in this career!

Did you always wanted to be in media?

I think most people have at least once in their life thought about being in front of the camera, but I never considered it a career until I began working in this field. Now that I am in this amazing career, I love what I do. It has become both a dream and a goal to succeed.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge has been starting a new life from scratch in a different country without speaking English, while at the same time raising two girls on my own. It has most definitely been a cultural shock, but I’ve always been very blessed. I am very goal oriented and anything that I challenge myself to do, I accomplish. The year and a half living in the States has been very gratifying and full of blessings, which has motivated me to keep striving for greatness in both my professional and personal life.

Tell us aboout the Hispanic community in Charlotte:

According to the census, we represent 12.7% of the community in Charlotte. The Hispanic community has a diversity of backgrounds representing more than eight countries, but it's mostly composed of Mexicans. We are a very happy and united community who loves music and dancing. Spending time with our family is also an important priority in our daily lives. Based on my experience, I can say that the Hispanic community is a very hardworking one. Not only have we become the principle labor force in the nation, but we have also contributed more than $1.5 billion dollars to the economy. Many Hispanics work as public servants and are owners of small and large companies, hence having the purchasing power of $1.5-1.7 trillion dollars. In fact, the importance of the Latin community in the United States has been so great that they have been included in the immigration reform sought out by President Barack Obama.

Where would you love to travel?

Hawaii, China and India.

Favorite spot in carolinas?

I tend to visit parks a lot and anywhere were I can enjoy the beauty of nature; one of my favorites spots is Crowders Mountain.



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