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Patricia Dowdy loves to problem solve!

People of Charlotte, please meet Patricia Dowdy! Ask this Charlotte native what business, art and food have in common, and she’ll tell you her story. She’s the owner of National Restaurant Properties, who sells restaurants and does commercial real estate as it relates to the restaurant business. Having followed in the footsteps of her late father, Patricia has grown up in the restaurant business and worked alongside him for years in the brokerage business. This has resulted in a healthy obsession with food and all things touching the industry.

Now let's get to know Patricia's story!

How would you describe the journey to where you are now?

After a meandering journey, I graduated with a degree in art from Western Carolina University. I have quite the collection of meeting and phone call doodles which have won numerous awards (ok, I made that up). Current projects include Esoteric Portraiture, and a line of upholstered furniture in the Psychedelic Baroque style. Never heard of it? It’s one of those things you didn’t know existed until you see it.

This is an unlikely background for someone who is just as comfortable in the business world!

While many people run from problems, you run towards them! Please share.

Some people daydream about escaping the daily grind, but my head is whirling with ideas on how to evolve my business or how to help a client navigate a tough situation. The core of that drive is cultivating a connection with others and a fondness for problem solving. The combo of people with problems is a classic, so I’ll never run out of things to do.  

What is your advice to children and adults alike?

There is something that I work to instill in my children that I keep at the forefront of my actions: If you want something in life, get it. You can’t rely on others to accomplish your dream. Whether that be the toy you left upstairs (but rather mommy got it for you) or you want to open that pizza shop (but are worried that the time isn’t right), the time will never be right and the walk up the stairs to retrieve the toy is infinite if you place your outcomes on others.

The rally cry of “GET IT” needs to be a constant reminder for kids and adults alike. 


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1 Comment

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