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Stephanie Melish, Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista, coaches you to succeed

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Tell us about your unique title!

As the Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista, I offer individual coaching, event keynotes, and business boot camps in the same style as my favorite coffee: bold, inspirational, honest, and with the end goal of energizing you and your business to success.

What’s your short title?

Certified business coach, inspirational speaker and author.

You have quite the career! How did you land where you are?

I was introduced to Jeffrey Gitomer who is a bestselling author and business trainer; Jeffrey is ranked in the top 1% of non-celebrity speakers by the National Speakers Association. While working for him, I auditioned for his speaker certification program and was chosen alongside eight others. I was the youngest to become certified.

How many years have you been coaching and speaking?

I have been speaking professionally since 2009 and added coaching to my business in the last two years. It will be four years in October since I started my own company.

Where is your office?

You can find my office at any of the coffee shops in Charlotte. Today I am meeting at Rush Espresso in Ballantyne!

What’s the week in the life of Stephanie look like?

About three to four hours of coaching - I like to spread my clients out so that I can always offer my best self. My week then includes a lot of content writing, crafting my weekly newsletter, and creating inspirational videos. Some weeks include a speaking engagement and all weeks include bouncing ideas off my trusted assistant, Dunkin, my dog!

And you’re an author?!

Yes! Now this is a funny story. I literally wrote the first edition of my ebook Bank Your Mistakes on a drive to Ohio (where I am from) and edited it the next day, all within 48 hours. I was given a challenge to write a book for a Holiday deadline and I love a good challenge.

I then revamped the entire book: massaged the content, evaluated 20 different covers, changed the introduction, and re-released it ten months later (October 2016). Bank Your Mistakes can be found on Amazon electronically or on my website if you prefer paperback.

What is Bank Your Mistakes about?

I’ve compiled a list of the ten biggest mistakes I see my clients making repeatedly and packaged them into an impactful step-by-step guide on how to stop making them and start conquering them.

Any additional books in the works?

Definitely! Stay tuned...

On Friday, April 28th, I will be leading a professional development event called Simply the Success featuring David Hoffman, CEO of The David Hoffman Group, Christmas Abbott, National Best-Selling Author of "Badass Body Diet," and Justin Kutcher, Sportscaster with Fox Sports. At the end of the event, there will be a Q & A with the panel. You can learn more about the opportunity here. Registration is open!

What do you hope to inspire during your speaking or coaching engagements?

It’s my hope to trigger a shift or change in someone’s life; to open the door wider to what they already know. It’s my goal to pour knowledge into the Charlotte community and beyond.

Who or what else has inspired you?

I was immensely inspired by attending one of Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions - I loved the format, the soulful feeling that I was imparted with. I knew I wanted to bring it back to Charlotte but needed to also pull in business development. While personal development is essential, I find that when you pair it with professional development, it gives a person a better chance at succeeding. Work and life are one in the same; it’s not a balance, it’s an integration.

What has been one of the greatest gifts you have received?

Three years after meeting with a client, I received a message thanking me for being the catalyst to set his life in motion:

Any writing tips?

Never start with a blank page. I always start writing by opening a previous piece so it’s much less intimidating. It gives the feeling that I’ve already accomplished something.

What are your thoughts about storytelling?

Storytelling is big business, yet so many people don’t take the time to look around and understand who’s helping them create their story. A powerful story sells. A powerful story gets retold. A powerful story is the key to creating a lasting legacy. Your business story is imperative. Surround yourself with the best team to help you tell it.

What did you feel during your first speaking engagement?

I was jacked up on caffeine and nerves! Jeffrey gave me such an opportunity by allowing me to go out and represent him, his content and brand. I couldn’t believe a company was paying (a lot) of money to have me there. All I wanted was to make him proud. Still do.

What do you think most people are looking for when seeking coaching?

Someone to validate them in whatever they are struggling with and then the help to get past it both through expert knowledge and accountability.

When you were younger, what career did you see yourself in?

Until I interned my senior year in high school with the county prosecutor, I had every intention of being a lawyer. I also dreamed of being the first woman president. Still do.

Favorite place to work?

Favorite workout?

Alma mater?

UNC Wilmington

Years in Charlotte?


Favorite spot to visit in the Carolinas?

Wilmington, NC. I love the mix of downtown on the river and the beach. It’s also my alma-mater so I always enjoy going back.

Favorite salon?

I only trust my tresses with Nathan Davis at Carmen! Carmen! Ballantyne. He is THE BEST in Charlotte.

Biggest pet peeve?

When people who have just met me shorten my name to “Steph.” We just met, have some respect. For example, just because your name is Richard doesn’t mean I’m going to call you Dick straight out of the gate.

Visit Stephanie's website to learn more!



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