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Wedding Planner, Ivy Honeycutt, plans so you don't have to

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Wedding Planner Ivy

We hear you wear a few hats around Charlotte!

You can find me wearing several! I am an award winning, certified bridal consultant and wedding planner (The Silk Veil Events by Ivy), bridal show producer (Charlotte area bridal shows), and founder of BWC (Black Weddings Charlotte).

What’s the common thread between your titles?

Each of my businesses are geared to educate and offer guidance in the wedding planning process.

How have you created impact in the bridal industry?

In 2010, I formed the first North Carolina Chapter of the National Organization AA-WP and became their first NC President. That same year, I began producing fun, interactive, and informative bridal shows. Then in 2012, I formed BWC (Black Weddings Charlotte) to provide a listing of professional wedding vendors of color.

Does the wedding planning industry have any special certifications?

Yes! I received my first certification as a Certified Bridal Consultant (Association of Bridal Consultants; PF/ABC) in 2008. My second certification is a Certified Wedding Planner (American Academy of Wedding Professionals; AA-WP), which I received the following year. I am trained to teach the Wedding Planning Course written by the American Academy of Wedding Professionals. I also have my associates of arts in business and hospitality, as well as RASP (Responsible Alcohol Seller Program) and ServSafe certified.

Where have you have been published?

I have been fortunate to have been published in The Knot, Carolina Bride, Perfect Wedding Guide, Premier Bride, Essence, MunaLuchi Bride, and Queen City Magazine!

Before wedding planning, you were…?

Before becoming a wedding planner, I spent 15 years in corporate america - those jobs included working in claims, accounting, inventory, and purchasing.

What are some fun facts about you?

- I am the mother of two beautiful girls (young ladies) who are are 14 years apart

- I am the grandmother of one handsome young man

- I am from Baltimore, MD, home of the 2013 Superbowl champs - Go Ravens!

- I also attended Baltimore City Community College

- I am silly and love to laugh, but very serious about my business

- I change my hairstyle often

- Purple is my favorite color

- Batman is my superhero of choice (yes, I have Batman gear)

- I was a substitute teacher about 25 years ago (stop laughing)

- My addiction to lip-gloss is very noticeable

- Yes, David Tutera is BEAUTIFUL

What are you watching?

I love the Twilight Saga and I'm on "team Edward" (except when Bella and Jacob kissed), The Godfather Trilogy, Rocky IV, LOVE LOVE LOVE cartoons - if it is Disney, I probably own it (even on VHS), Law and Order, need I say more? And Bones is a close 2nd!

How do you give your day a kickstart?

- Starbucks: caramel frappe with a shot of espresso

- McDonalds or Bojangles: regular coffee with two creams and four splendas

- Panera Bread: half dark roast and half hazelnut coffee (same cream and sugar as above)

- Aldi brand: classic roast (seriously) with hazelnut cream and two splendas (Folders Breakfast blend will do as well).

- Dunkin Donuts: my new favorite



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