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Artist JJ Justice on listening to your inner voice

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Why did you decide to pick up a paintbrush and never put one down?

I started painting three years ago when I had a T.I.A . (mini-stroke) from an allergic reaction to a prescription. I could only read a paragraph before I would get a splitting headache, and I had no focus to write. For several months, I was trapped in my own mind, and that is never a fun experience.

Prior to your T.I.A., how did you connect with yourself?

My escape was reading and writing. The only art class I took was in high school. I expressed myself through the written word. However, I was always an admirer of other artists.

What or who gave you the courage to paint?

I kept hearing a voice telling me to paint, so I started teaching myself at home and realized how healing it was for my soul. I escaped and found myself again, a new self, through the paint. I was not educated in art - to develop my passion, I read about artists from the past, sketch everyday, and make art my soul focus.

Who are you studying painting with in Charlotte?

I now train with Andy Braitman and Nicholas Stewart at Braitman Studio. I was terrified to take classes, because I was a beginner, but all of the instructors there are so patient and knowledgeable. I now call the studio my second home.

What amazing opportunity did painter Andy Braitman offer you?

I am currently interning at Braitman Studio four days a week. I AM A LUCKY WOMAN!

Favorite medium?

I work with both oils and acrylics.

Speaking of mediums, how do you incorporate your intuitive abilities into your art?

I prefer to call myself an intuitive painter rather than an artist. Each painting is a physical manifestation of what I see, feel, and hear. I have been a professional healer for over twenty years, guiding thousands on how to get in touch with their own spirit and guides through intuition, meditation, and energy work.

Where do you find your daily inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from G-d. Sounds odd, but I lose my SELF, and connect to the greater source in and around me. People also inspire me; I am always listening and learning from others.

Charlotte native?

I am originally from the ATL...(sorry) I am from Atlanta, Georgia. For the last twenty years, I have lived in Charlotte.

Future ambitions?

I hope to travel and create more art when my son graduates from high school this spring.

Also, an upcoming art show will be announced soon!

How can we find your art?

Please connect with me on Instagram! You can purchase my art by calling me directly or by visiting my studio and website-



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