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Brandi Fox is all about you and her entrepreneurial aspirations

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

People of Charlotte, please meet Brandi Fox! Brandi shares her entrepreneurial ambitions and challenges, as well as her favorite Charlotte venues and apps. Her business provides an experience for everyone, from the stay-at-home mom to the players of the Charlotte Hornets! Now let's get to know Brandi's story and how she became who she is today!

Where are you from? 

I was born in High Point, NC, but I’ve lived in Charlotte for the majority of my life.

Tell us about your life journey!

My mom was my first intro into the entrepreneurial life and I’ve always had a thing about money. I loved to make money! My grandad would talk about the stock market when I was younger and let me listen in on his calls where he would discuss the highs and lows of the stock market and all things in between. I remember buying Boss Rings at the store as a fifth-grader. With the Boss Rings, you could get six for a dollar. I thought to myself, “If I sell these for 75 cents apiece, I can make a pretty good profit!" 

My mom opened a home daycare when I was in seventh grade, so I saw what it was like to own a business—it really taught me responsibility because I helped out. Watching my mom create and market in a time when the internet wasn’t prevalent, showed me a lot. My mom was always at full capacity with her home daycare, so it shows you that there are so many ways to promote your business.

My family was a big influence on me.

I attended West Charlotte High School and that was my introduction to real life! I went there specifically for the band because, of course, West Charlotte had the best band. I was in the IB Program and enjoyed the classes but being in the band was a whole experience. I played the bass drum and as the only girl who did, I didn’t mind—I was a total tomboy. Being at West Charlotte was a life changing experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to interact with students from all walks of life, but also provided the foundation for some of my most important relationships and friendships that I still have today. I couldn't imagine graduating from any other high school and I am looking forward to my two children becoming Lions as well.   

What was your dream job when you were younger?

My family was a big influence on me. My grandparents were very well known and influential in the Greensboro area and gave me the idea that I wanted to be a lawyer. I pursued my lawyer ambitions and started political science classes at Winston Salem State University, spoke to a couple of lawyers in that area, and quickly realized that it just wasn’t for me. I didn’t have a true love for law so I transitioned to social work.

Who has had an impact on you or has left a mark on your life?

Mr. Cortez at West Charlotte High School! He was the first person that really inspired me when it came to health. He ran half and full marathons regularly and would talk about his training. He emphasized discipline, consistency, and he was always a gentleman. Mr. Cortez always showed us, young women, how we should be treated. He also developed my love for the Spanish language which became my minor when I attended Winston Salem State University. 

Can you share one of the happiest moments within your entrepreneurial journey?

Well, I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary—Facebook reminds me of a particular video each year. I will never forget driving my bus for the very first time. Right after I drove it off the lot, the first thing I did was to head to the gas station where I wrecked it!  No one told me that you can’t drive a bus like a car. I had no idea! How you turn definitely matters! Within 15 minutes of getting my brand new bus, I came back to the guys who completed the finishes with it completely banged up on the side because I ran into a pump. I couldn’t believe it! Thankfully they repaired it, but I was scared to drive it for an entire month!

Once you started driving your bus again, you began driving business. What makes Pamper Us Mobile Massage unique?

What makes Pamper Us Mobile unique is our ability to provide an array of mobile spa services directly to our clients within the comfort of their home, hotel, or business office. Our goal is to create a self-care business model that caters to anyone within the Charlotte metro area. We do this by offering competitive pricing, 5-star services, and a cost efficient payment plan that allows our services to be more affordable. 

Tell us about your pampering team!

Currently, I have about 40 independent contractors that work for me in the areas of massage therapy, nail services, makeup application, private chef services, and so much more.

What does the future of Pamper Us Mobile Massage look like?

I want Pamper Us to be fully self-sustainable, meaning, having a mobile on-demand app to be able to provide resources and connections throughout the city of Charlotte. 

What do you love about Charlotte?

It’s a mixed city! If I want to have that big city feel, I can go uptown, and then there are spots that I can go if I want peace and quiet. It’s the best of both worlds. I value the melting pot that we have become and the great ideas emerging from this city. I also love all the new restaurants. 


Any favorite apps that you swear by?

  • One Note - it gives you the opportunity to create different projects and put it all in one place on your phone, it’s like your personal drive.

  • Smart Receipts - great for businesses, adds/categorizes receipts, and it's a good way to maintain and track business.

  • LinkedIn - success is found through this professional platform. Use it.

What are you reading right now?

The Power of Instagram

What are your favorite spots in Charlotte?

  • Top Golf - I recommend the buffalo cauliflower. It tastes just like chicken wings!

  • Fern - Order their white bean burger. It tastes just like a juicy cheeseburger!

  • Bean Vegan -  I recommend the roadhouse burger. 

Where do you spend your free time?

  • Dave and Busters

  • Charles Sifford Golf

  • Hiking at Crowders Mountain

  • Picnic at Freedom Park

You can find out more information about Brandi Fox of Pamper Us Mobile Massage at:


(704) 323-6282


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