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Calling all music and holiday lovers, Tosco Music Holiday Party is this Saturday - it's more tha

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Tosco Music Party Founder, John Tosco

What is the Tosco Music Holiday Party?

The 3rd Annual Tosco Music Holiday Party is Saturday, December 8th. The show brings together fifteen acts, who are amazingly talented, to play holiday classics. This show is in addition to four Tosco Music Parties and other music outreach. TMP has been so well attended that we decided to add a holiday event.

Tosco Music Parties are typically held at Knight Theater. Why is the Tosco Music Holiday Party held at McGlohon Theater?

There is something very special about McGlohon Theater at Spirit Square. The theater was once a church, and remains adorned with beautiful stained glass windows and a Byzantine dome. The red velvet-covered seats also lend to the spirit of the season. Despite having over 700 seats, the theater feels intimate. It’s a beautiful, wonderful place, and very fitting for the season.

Tosco Music Holiday Party consistently sells out and we don’t see that changing. We could move the event to the Knight Theater to accommodate a larger audience, but we really would like to keep the Holiday event in the McGlohon Theater. It’s magical.

Who is in the audience for this Holiday musical event?

We encourage families to attend, we encourage all to attend. There is something for everyone! We have all ages performing, and those ages are reflected in the audience. When a musically ambitious child or teen sees a similar aged performer on stage, it’s an inspiring moment for them.

Tosco Music Parties are known for bringing an eclectic group of musicians together. Can you give us a sneak peek into the lineup for this upcoming show?

An amazing lineup of performers are slated to perform, like our youngest performer, a 12-year-old vocalists from Northwest School of the Arts. Jaron Strom (a former contestant on The Voice) will take the stage, as well as an award-winning bluegrass band called The Trailblazers. UNC Charlotte’s Voices of Eden will also grace the stage. There are 15 acts in total.

Many of the performers have very different musical styles. What music genres are in store for us?

There is always a wide variety of music genres such as pop, bluegrass, acapella, jazz, and more. When we ask people after a show which performers they liked best, they are often surprised to discover they like music genres that they had never given a chance before.

During every music party, performers play one to two songs per act. If you’re not typically a fan of a particular genre of music, you just might be surprised! TMP gives you exposure to music genres that you may have not sought out before. The Holiday show begins and ends when? Is there an intermission?

We start at 7:30 PM and there’s a half hour intermission at 9 PM and we end at 10:30 PM.

Where can People of CLT get their tickets?

Visit our website for tickets and event information! For readers who have never attended a Tosco Music Party, what are they missing out on?

The Tosco Music party is not just a concert with a variety of acts. It’s more than that, it’s a unique live music experience every time. Prior to starting, we ask the audience to stand up and introduce themselves to one another. Attendees don’t expect singalongs or what comes from that interactive experience with other audience members—community is quickly built through song (don’t worry, the words are in the program).

Tosco Music Party at Knight Theater

For music lovers who are looking for monthly shows, where can they find Tosco Music in the community?

On the first Wednesday of every month (with the exception of December which is 12/12), we host Tosco Music Open Mic at The Evening Muse.

We like to think of the open mic night as a community building opportunity. Before musicians take the stage, the audience begins with an open singalong. When the audience interacts with one another, it feels very inclusive, like family.

Anyone, at any level, can take the stage on a first come, first perform order. We do have singers who are still in school, so we allow them to perform earlier. This is a great opportunity for musicians to experience performing on stage with an audience.

Can you name drop any past performers who we all might recognize?

Past performers have included local, regional, and sometimes, national acts (when they are in town): The Avett Brothers, Livingston Taylor, Rachel Platten, and David Wilcox have all played at past Tosco Music Parties!

How does Tosco Music give back to musicians?

Tosco Music offers a supportive community, where musicians can share their love of music in whatever genre or style they choose. Monies raised from Tosco Music Open Mic go towards supporting travelling musicians’ expenses. We also help musicians network, find opportunities, and get their music into the marketplace. We provide volunteer and paid performance opportunities at community events and also offer music scholarships each year.

How does Tosco Music give back to the Charlotte community?

We offer our show tickets to other nonprofits like the Urban Ministry Center, ourBridge for Kids, and Arts+ (formerly Community School of the Arts). Tickets are given to the people who they serve, people who normally couldn't attend one of our shows.

Several times each month, we take our music party into local nursing homes for senior singalongs. Music has such power and impact, especially for people who are isolated or dealing with memory problems.

Why is this year a special year for Tosco Music?

Starting with our September 2018 TMP and throughout our 2019 Season, we are celebrating 30 years of Tosco Music Parties and our 20th year as a 501c3 nonprofit organization!

Story photos via @ToscoMusic Instagram


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