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Holly Hughes shares her intuitive abilities

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

People of Charlotte, please meet Holly Hughes, intuitive, author, and public speaker. Holly is one of those uber approachable people who instantly makes you feel at ease—plus she makes you laugh. Holly is a big believer in self-care and shares, "Giving is good, but giving yourself away is not."

Now let's get to know Holly's story!

How would you describe what you do?

I connect with powerful healing and loving energy then channel it to my clients. Most commonly, I help with relationship difficulties, self-sabotaging behavior, and help clients transition during times of uncertainties. I connect to you spiritually, allowing for an immediate intimate healing experience.

The hands-on healing allows your body to communicate what it needs. Universal energy is conducted and transferred to your body to assist your physical and spiritual wellbeing. Together, we move through a guided meditation to help move energy. Then together, we add energy and balance to form a stronger mind-body connection.

Some of us get stuck in a groove, like a record. I show clients how to get into another groove or move from one to the other.

Please share the benefits of intuitive healing.

Clients who come see me find improvement and success in improving relationships, problem-solving, coping with feelings, change behavioral problems, handle career transitions, overcome fears and insecurities, make sense of traumas, release emotional pain, make honest life choices, ease anxiety, and more. For people wanting to heal their trauma, I also create custom guided meditations.

How would you describe your approach, your style?

I immediately set expectations for what I can do for a client. While I am direct and a big proponent of the truth, I am very empathetic. A common question concerns fortune telling; I am going to tell you what happens in three months. And no, I can’t tell you the winning lottery numbers. The things I know are for the betterment. Also, if you have a medical problem, please see your doctor.

Can you share a little about your clientele?

Men and women of all ages come to work with me. More specifically, clients come to me when they know something isn’t working-when a feeling just doesn’t feel right, when they have an important decision, relationship, work, or family concerns, or have exhausted traditional therapy.

What is a common root issue you explore?

Many people come in because of a root cause: they weren’t loved the right way. People create stories to make it okay, but they need healing. I help clients heal their emotions and to better cope.

I want to help you feel better-give you the tools to get you on the right path.

What happens during a session?

Whatever you are feeling, whatever emotion you are dealing with, confusion or hurt, I can help. I tune into your energy. I physically get sensations in my body about what’s going on in your body. I tell you the things I am seeing and feeling to validate that I am on the same page as you. Sometimes you want to hide your emotions, but I feel those too. The coolest magic I do is energy healing. I connect to universal love and channel that energy into your body. We do a guided meditation that I channel while we are together. I move around your body and create healing energy to send to you. I align chakras, create boundaries, and send you healing. You will feel something that you can’t explain, see things you can’t explain, but you feel it all working! If you have issues, feelings, hurt, frustrations, I am here for you.

When did you realize that you have intuitive abilities?

I never had one of those awakening moments. I have always been intuitive.

What has been one of the most profound times in your life?

After several miscarriages I underwent a hysterectomy. When I woke up after the surgery, my world became quiet. I didn’t hear what I always heard, feel what I always felt. It took a concentrated effort to rewire my chakras because my second chakra was literally removed from my body. When I reconnected to my intuition it was in an even more powerful way, and I was better able to control it. That’s when I decided to open my office and share my healing gifts with others.

How would you describe your office space?

It’s a healing space where no judgement resides.

What inspired you to write and publish, Real, Not Perfect?

Real, Not Perfect is for every person who lost themselves along the way. It’s for the woman who made herself smaller in a marriage, the caretakers who feel invisible and exhausted, and the people who can’t say no to anyone. It’s for individuals who play a role in their family, at work, and with their friends but bite their tongue, keeping their true thoughts and feelings hidden.

Real, Not Perfect will guide you to recover your authentic self through the process of setting intentions and defining yourself on your own terms by healing the wounds that put up barriers in the first place.

The book is available at Park Road Books, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

Are you working on any other books?

Currently, I am working on two more non-fiction books and one young adult fiction.

Is there a tool that people can use right now?

I share plenty of Holly’s Healing Tips on my Instagram and Youtube pages.

Are there any events that you like to host or participate in?

I’m looking forward to hosting writing retreats and speaking at events now we are getting on the other side of the pandemic. These events pop up and it’s easiest to see where I’ll be speaking on my website.

Where did you live prior to landing in the Queen City?

L.A. for 18 years! I literally landed there after receiving a $99 plane ticket to anywhere in the US. I decided on the farthest place from where I was and ended up living in L.A.

Any last words?

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable bras or be in uncomfortable relationships.

Connect to Holly by following the links below:

Now it’s time for favorites! What is your favorite…?

Book? Can’t choose one. I love so many and have so many author friends.

Lunch spot? Anywhere near water.

Date night? Live music and a good drink.

Family vacation? Wyoming at Crossed Sabres Ranch

Outdoor space? Yes, please.

Supplements? Gummy vitamins

Flower? Peony!

Charlotte event? I just went to Immeserise Van Gogh and LOVED IT!


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