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Eddie Bullins, pitmaster extraordinaire

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Pitmaster for Fat n Happy BBQ and Catering.


I was raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Northern Stokes County, where I resided for approximately twenty years. This contributes to my southern roots and cowboy soul. I was one of three children and am now the father of two daughters and the Papa to one exceptional grandson. My wife was born and raised in West Texas, which contributes to a large influence on our diet.

Tell us about how the Texas way of cooking influenced the Carolina way:

I’ve learned that in Texas- beef is king. This philosophy is something that my wife pushed upon me with her request to quickly learn how to produce quality slow-smoke Texas brisket. With practice and patience, I have reached perfection when it comes to art of smoking meat.

Those long hours of practice also introduced a fun and sociable hobby into my life: barbecuing. With influences from both Carolina and Texas, I learned by smoking meat at low temperatures while using our special blend of handmade rubs, an amazing product is the result. My products take on a unique and palate pleasing profile.

How did you end up taking your barbecuing skills to the next level?

My friends and family quickly began to reap the benefits of my new found hobby and became insistent that I try out competition barbecues, since they so thoroughly enjoyed my products. After some contemplation, I agreed to give the competition side a try. I assembled a team that consisted of my Texas lady and a handful of close friends. I found myself competing side-by-side with some of the best Pitmasters in BBQ. I also learned that feeding the masses and competition barbecue are worlds apart!

What have been some of your greatest accomplishments?

I have made some great friends, gained lots of valuable advice, and acquired several BBQ awards along the way. Now I run a small catering service called Fat n Happy BBQ, along with my wife and two close friends, Craig and Angie Bodford. The business can accommodate groups from twenty to a hundred individuals.

What are some of your menu items?

We offer a variety of foods including, but not limited to, beef brisket, pork, chicken, cole slaw, decadent mac & cheese, and of course banana pudding.

I make my own meat injections, dry rubs and of course BBQ sauces that range from sweet, Lexington style to a spicy sauce that will knock you off your feet. Our specialty sauce is a Texas bourbon BBQ sauce that is nothing short of an explosion of flavors across your taste buds.

How have you separated yourself from the competition?

A unique attribute about my service is that I have fabricated all my own cooking devices such as my smokers and grills. This has allowed me to get the best grasp on the machine I am using- to produce the final product that ultimately will reach your plates. My business can also enhance the overall barbecue experience by offering a mobile cook site. We set everything up at your catering location and allow customers to watch the process from start to finish, while basking in the mouthwatering aromas my barbecue is sure to deliver.

I am a cowboy at heart, with a love for the great outdoors! Plus, I have thirty years of experience with grilling and cooking. I truly feel I offer a product that is unique and satisfying, while leaving my consumers licking their fingers and asking for seconds every time!



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