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Meet Jeremiah Preston Wood of Dobson, NC

Model, CBS Survivor, Giving Back

Born and raised in North Carolina

Current town?

I live in a little four stoplight town called Dobson, NC. I was raised in Dobson and have lived all 36 years of my life here. About four years ago, I bought a house in Dobson.

What do you love about NC?

What’s not to love about southern hospitality, beautiful mountains, and nice beaches- and the weather isn't too bad either!

Family stats:

I have a wonderful Christian family: Dad- Bruce, Mom- Vickey, Brother- Rancey, and my nephew Tate, to name a few.

Tell us about your upbringing:

I was raised with old-fashioned values, raised to work hard. I love fishing and hunting- just love being outdoors. I've been athletic all my life, from playing baseball, softball, football, basketball, and golf to boxing. I am 36 but have energy the energy of a 16 year old lol!

Career stats:

I'm a professional model, signed with Greensboro-based Directions USA. I've been blessed to have modeled for some big clients in my career and have been in numerous commercials and videos. When I'm not modeling and traveling, I enjoy remodeling homes.

What is one of your most notable accomplishments?

My biggest accomplishment was when I became a cast member on the CBS reality show, Survivor- Season 28. I loved being on the show, but have to say it was one of the most challenging experiences of my life!

How has being on Survivor impacted your life?

I am truly grateful for the opportunity, since the show opened doors for me to be a positive role model. I have enjoyed speaking to people of all ages about my experience on the show, as well as other accomplishments and challenges in my life.

I have been a speaker at several schools and churches, sharing my experiences. Survivor has also opened doors for me to be involved in charity work in North Carolina, as well as Florida and Texas.

What is a charity that you are involved with?

The biggest charity that I am involved with is called Give Kids The World, based out of Celebration, FL. The charity provides cost-free vacations to kids with life-threatening illnesses. I have loved bringing joy and light to children who are suffering from an illness. Being involved with children who are terminally ill, bringing a smile to their faces and making them laugh, is such a blessing for me. I have always wanted to help people in my life, especially young kids. I am thankful Survivor has helped paved the way for me to make a greater impact, to make a difference.

What motivates you?

My family has always been my motivation in life. We are super close and they have always had my back in everything that I have wanted to do.

What’s in your future?

More modeling and hopefully booking more acting jobs. Thinking on a larger scale, I would love to land a big acting part in a movie. I will make it happen- I was raised to work hard and go after what I want.

Where do you see yourself in your golden years?

I hope to wake up fishing every day, either at a lake in North Carolina or at a beach. That would be my slice of Heaven.

Learn more about Jeremiah’s experience on Survivor here.



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