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Jillian Longsworth, a face behind NoDa Yoga

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I live in the Plaza Midwood section of Charlotte, NC. Thirteen years ago, I moved from New York to slow down and find some purpose, after living in a busy city. I have convinced all of my New Yorkers to move down to Charlotte, including my parents and longtime friends. It’s a fabulous city to dream big!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in several states from NY to TX to NC to DE and back to NY and then finally- Charlotte. There is something magical about the Carolinas for me. It is the one state where I feel genuinely happy.


I attended Wagner College for Musical Theatre, NYU for Educational Theatre and finally settled at Queens University in Charlotte with a degree in Communications, minor in Theatre.

Family stats:

My husband and I are both self-employed (he is a builder of custom homes). We have a daughter, Norah (4) who is our world. We also have three furry dog children.

Career stats:

I am part of an amazing yoga community here in Charlotte. I am co-owner of

NoDa Yoga, along with an amazing woman Maria Hallowell.

NoDa Yoga

The studio is located in the Arts District (NoDa) above Cabo Fish Taco. Our vision is to have a space where people can grow, not only in their physical practice, but also as a person. We have built a strong and loyal community, where the teachers know your name, your physical limitations and make you feel at home the first time you step on your mat.

I am also co-owner of Bella Vita Yoga with my beautiful partner, Carrie Wren. As a Registered Yoga School, we currently hold 200 hour teacher trainings in the space of NoDa Yoga and host yoga retreats around the world!

What inspires you?

My passion within the yoga community has been working with Veterans across the state. I am a certified RYT & International Yoga Warrior, specializing in yoga for trauma. I have taught at the Army National Guard in Charlotte and currently work closely with Dana Draa’s Visually Impaired Veterans Team, through the VA. NoDa Yoga continues to offer free yoga to Veterans as a way to introduce alternative therapies for PTSD, TBI, and physical pain due to the many deployments our men and women have faced.

The veterans who seek out yoga have found a community within NoDa Yoga; I am proud to say that many are teaching yoga or are on the path of teacher training to either bring yoga to their base or to have the tools (breath, mindfulness) to take on their next deployment.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do with your time each day?

We have been dreaming about building a small home up in the mountains and naming it “Norah’s Nook” for many years now. To be able to spend more time in nature and with my family while overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, would be the richest of gifts!

Greatest Accomplishment?

Being a mom is my greatest accomplishment. Norah is the light of my life and teaches me how to love so deeply! Being a mom has taught me to reevaluate what self love is, being truly present and finding joy in the simplest of things. That’s not to say it isn’t HARD. It has been a challenge to find a work/life balance with two businesses. It takes patience and communication and forgiveness (Ujjayi Breath and my Essential Oils are my go-to Life Tools).

Jillian and Norah

Any hobbies?

I love watching musical theatre, live jazz and taking beginner ballet for fun!

Favorite place to visit in Charlotte:

The New Yorker in me loves a good bagel and pastry. You can find me most mornings at either Sunflour bakery or Poppy’s bagels!

Favorite spot to visit in the Carolinas:

The town of Blowing Rock: I have so many beautiful memories from childhood playing in the town center park. I love taking my daughter there a few times a year, so she too can create those memories.



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