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Jonathan Parham maximizes his intuitive abilities

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

You can communicate with those who have passed, tell us about your journey: I knew there was something different about me around the age of three. I started to see “imaginary friends." I would speak to them and later on with dogs who had passed when I was a young boy. My parents always said I was different than my other siblings and sometimes worried because I was always alone. They didn’t realize for years I wasn’t really “alone."

How would you describe your ability to channel? I use my gifts of communication with Spirit to help give living individuals the closure and confidence they need to live a healthy and balanced life here on the physical plane. I hear (Clairaudience), feel (Clairsentience), and see (Clairvoyance) Spirit and the energy that surrounds the human body. With this information, I help people make healthy and informed decisions that will create productive growth on their earthly journey. These messages are from the Divine. I am only a channel. I use my intuition to deliver the gift of love from your passed loved ones, soul family, and God with grace and unconditional blessings. You are love...we are love. God is love. Do you have a family history of psychic abilities? Yes. My grandmother on my dad's side just knew stuff. Her father and his father also just knew things. My grandma foresaw both of her parents' deaths. Her father, my Great Grandfather Basil, would dream about the nieghbors house being on fire. He would wake up and run down to the neighbors house and it would be in flames. My Grandma used to say her angels and God gave her the information. Did that make you feel closer to your grandmother? My grandmother and I were very close. She and I would sit together and look at orbs. She passed away when I was 19. I was devastated. At that point, I shut my gifts off. I was more focused on being a young adult. I could always feel her around after she passed and still do. Obviously you returned to your gift. What changed? In 2009, I traveled to Mysore, India to study Ashtanga yoga and meditation. My intention was to deepen my yoga practice and a spiritual silence to calm my mind and bring about awareness to the present. It was an amazing experience- life changing.

After returning from India, I became quite ill from viral meningitis, the same virus that causes chicken pox. For six days, I was in a medically induced coma. While in the coma, I remember walking and speaking with my grandmother who had passed. When I awoke I said to my dad, “I see people in here." He just nodded and said, "of course you do," and laughed. Of course he thought I was referring to the actual people in the room. After these two major life events, I could no longer turn away from my intention. I came out to my dad as a medium and the rest of the family when I was 33. How did you deepen your abilities? I started meditating. A lot. I deepened my meditation practice with the guidance of other mediums (here in Charlotte). I immersed myself into yoga, becoming a student again under the guidance of local teachers to obtain my teaching certification. My intention was not to teach yoga,

but to grow my practice. I studied with energetic healers here, with Healing Touch of the Carolinas, and with a mystic school in India and an Energetic healer from the mountains of NC and the mid-west. Is training necessary to do what you do? I think God is necessary to do what I do. I am not the gift- I am just the channel. I just use my vessel as a tool to transfer energy from God. I know that I have benefitted from guidance from several teachers and used that guidance to educate myself about the human body and it’s possibilities in healing and grace. For instance, I understand the seven Chakras in the body and the chakras beyond, and I have studied these energies to incorporate them into readings. I can see what color your aura is and have studied their meanings to help guide me along with my intuition. How would someone benefit from a session with you? I help guide people through life- with their life contract. We are all here to learn a lesson. Sometimes we choose to come back, while other times we have to come back to learn a lesson for a particular experience. I help guide you with your life’s lessons; life is a class. I also help provide people with closure with a loved one who has passed, as well as provide energetic healing/comfort to those who are ill or surrounded by people with illnesses. Sometimes I just listen, hold a hand, and let people cry and release their pain. Other times, we laugh and carry on and get crazy. During a session, do you encourage people to write down or record what they are receiving from you? Most definitely! I cannot remember a session once it is over. The information is taken away as quickly as it is received. It would be too much for me to remember. What is challenging about your ability? It is hard to have a bunch of really close friends. Some people want to be friends in the hopes that I will provide them with a reading. I don’t think it’s intentional most of the time. You start hanging out and they just want to talk about readings. Mediums are people too. We like to go out for a burger and have a good time, to be real. Another challenge is the noise that comes from quiet places like yoga. I’ll be practicing and all of a sudden I am feeling the energy from another person in the room. I’ll look over in a down dog and see someone’s dead grandma trying to communicate. I’ve gotten better at shutting it out. Sometimes they come through no matter what. It’s always beautiful to see love being expressed from spirit to the living. What do you do to recharge, to reset? I practice yoga everyday. Y2 Yoga is not only my yoga studio, they are my friends and family as well. Y2 centers me. Y2 Yoga has been there in so many points in my life from hight to low. It is home.

What are some misconceptions about what you do? I am not a mindreader. I am human. Sometimes mediums make mistakes- like all people. I am not a fortuneteller, I don’t give futures. Readings are also subjective- they come from the perspective of whomever is coming through at that time. It’s just like people having different perspectives- spirits do too. We are definitely not the Hollywood stereotype. Another misconception is people think mediums are reading them during casual interactions. I promise we aren’t. Ha! If I am picking up dinner and see you out, I’m glad to see you but I want my dinner...not to talk to your dead people. Mediums are always getting information but sometimes we ignore it. Especially when our ice cream is melting, our dog has to pee, and it’s rush hour traffic. What did you think you were going to do as profession? I used to think about going into medicine, nursing. I focused on biology courses in school. Microbiology actually. I loved microscopes. What’s something funny you have observed about mediums? They call us mediums, but most of us are extra-large! We struggle with our weight. I used to eat to ground but I am now making better choices. You definitely have a great sense of humor. Do you use humor during a session? During a session, laughter is definitely a part of the experience. Spirit makes us laugh, makes us feel all emotions. I love to laugh and have a good time. It’s fun over there. Sadness, depression, guilt...those are for humans...Spirit’s over there leading us away from all that BS. They love us. They are rooting for us. What’s something that people may not know about you? I have an identical twin brother Josh. We are very close. He is a little psychic as is my dad but I’m the only Medium in the family. I think my older brother Marc’s daughters will have the gift. Ella, my brother’s oldest, is already showing signs.

Jonathan, his identical twin, and brother.


I have a sleeve, a sock, and three other tattoos. My favorite tattoo is the one I dedicated to my grandmother on my mom’s side. After grandma passed away in 2013, I got this tattoo of a hydrangea (she loved gardening) with a ladybug. One night, I dreamt of ladybugs all over me and then awoke to find a ladybug on my key. I received a call a few minutes later that she had passed. Grandma hated ladybugs, but it was her way of saying goodbye. It was a running joke in the family with her and lady bugs.

Ladybug tattoo

Any pets? Yes, my golden doodle Oliver. Pets are important energy healers. They absorb so many of our heavy emotions. Oliver and I will go for a walk in a graveyard to get some peace and quiet. Contrary to what might be the common thought, souls are not attached to graves. I see spirit most places, but the grave yard is a peaceful place for me.


How do you see clients? I see about two to three clients a day in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte. I​ ​meditate on my clients prior to their arrival. Every five to six weeks, I need to shut down for about a week. It gives me a chance to rest and spend time with myself and reboot. To book a session with me: Email me at or call me @ 828-408-3052. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you within a day. You can find me on Facebook too or practicing at Y2Yoga.

Jonathan Parham



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