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Michelle Rivera takes you to her favorite spots in North Carolina

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

With the Holidays steadily approaching, many of you are eagerly anticipating time off, looking for things to do and places to see. Since North Carolina is a gem of a state, here are a few destinations that might inspire you to plan a road trip with family and friends.

Michelle Rivera loves traveling around our beautiful state, whenever life gives her those golden opportunities, and hopes to inspire you to do the same. Michelle has a newer perspective than some of us, as she has only been a resident of NC for a short time—she is originally from Venezuela. Below are a few of her favorite destinations. North Carolina has so much to offer!

Eno River State Park My husband and I go here on the weekends, especially when it gets cooler. We feel spoiled by this beautiful park that offers the tranquility of a river along with generous trails. If you want to have a conversation with someone or spend time with your own thoughts, I highly recommend Eno River State Park! It's also the perfect place for journaling or for any other mindful, creative endeavor. I promise it won’t disappoint.

Hanging Rock State Park All I can say is wow! The fact that we have this park relatively nearby blows my mind. Hanging Rock State Park has 20 miles of hiking trails—the one in this photo, Hanging Rock Trail, is their most popular trail. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and is not overly challenging, so many can attempt the view worth hiking for! The vista from atop this peak is absolutely breathtaking! I especially recommend going in autumn of next year as well, so you can see all the beautiful colors. Grab your favorite trail-mix and book, and spend the day exploring this beautiful mountain.

Tarboro I took this photo when I first moved to North Carolina, so it will always capture that special time. It was taken the summer of last year while I was working with Teach for America. We explored the town's history and also included a few breweries to round out the experience. I loved the industrial feel and overall hospitality of everyone who greeted me. The quiet, small-town vibe and historical homes gave it the charm that this picture exudes. Tarboro is a gem in my book.

Grove Arcade Asheville has a piece of my heart! This building makes me feel as if I am in a boutique mega shop in Paris. The small stores and intricate details of the building capture your gaze. The details in the stairs that lead up to the flower-adorned balcony make you feel as if you are being transported to another time. Grove Arcade is truly a relic and a site that is a must see on you next trip to Asheville!

"It is generally conceded that the Arcade Building would do justice to a city many times the size of Asheville. It is by far the finest structure in the South and there are few, if any, finer in the entire country.”

— E.W. Grove, 1927

So People of CLT, what are your favorite North Carolina destinations? Feel free to message me. I look forward to exploring our state more in the coming year!


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