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Two UNC Charlotte grads share their journey to wholeness

Jordyn shares her journey with her friend, Heather, on finding light in their lives: our voids were filled and we experienced a permanent sensation of wholeness that words cannot describe - there was a peace and a joy that was tangible and everlasting.

Charlotte natives?

Born and raised right outside of Charlotte, in Belmont, NC. We both moved to Charlotte four years ago for college to attend UNC Charlotte.

We hear you are recent grads of UNC Charlotte!

We are both 2017 UNCC college grads. I, Jordyn, graduated with an exercise science and biology degree, and will be attending physician assistant school in June 2018.

Heather graduated with a business and marketing degree and is currently in a ministry program called Highlands College - she is currently looking for jobs in the Charlotte area.

What’s next?

I see myself doing medical missions around the world as a physician assistant.

Heather sees herself going among the nations as well, as she also loves to travel. Additionally, she loves people and serving others and is still looking for the perfect career.

How has your friendship blossomed?

Travel travel travel! We love going places we’ve never been and sightseeing. We travel mainly for the scenery and of course, for the yummy food! Nothing makes us happier than catching a beautiful

sunrise or sunset. We love water - traveling to destinations where there’s a body of water is always our favorite. We also love exercise and staying active. Heather enjoys playing soccer, and I enjoy long distance running and volleyball.

Any favorite vacation destinations?

Somewhere new each trip - our favorite may be the Cayman Islands, or Capri, Italy.

What do you love about the Queen City?

We love that we are just two hours from the mountains and three hours from the beaches. We love the Charlotte community and how there’s always something going on and something to do.

Favorite spot in Charlotte to eat, shop, grab coffee or a smoothie?

- Cowfish and Vapiano are always our go-to dinner picks!

- We love to check out all the boutiques around Charlotte for shopping and South End is always our go-to for hanging out.

- Food Truck Friday at Sycamore is always a good idea.

- Can’t go wrong with Starbucks and Dunkin’ for coffee, but every once in awhile, we hit up Amelie’s French Bakery.

- We like donuts...really really like donuts: Duck Donuts and Krispy Kreme are in our top five.

Favorite TV shows at the moment are:

The Voice, The Good Doctor, and Grey's Anatomy.

Favorite movie:

Probably Home Alone and Elf since it’s Christmastime!

Favorite reads?

Driven by Eternity by John Bevere

Touching God, Deep Relief Now, and Live Free all by Dennis and Jen Clark

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

We are the biggest goofballs and love impersonating people. We also love to dance; you’ll always see us on the dance floor at events.

If money wasn't an issue, what would you do with your time each day?

Travel the world, shop, buy matching Range Rovers, and GIVE to charities and shelters around Charlotte. We have a heart for battered and abused women and children and would love to invest time and money into helping the victims in our area.

If you could change anything in the world, what would you change?

More unity in the world. We are One body. One people. One church under God. We should start living like it. No more hate!

If you could meet anyone in the world, past or present, who would you want to meet?

Luke Kuechly<3, Carrie Underwood, Christine Cain, Lisa Bevere, or Sadie Robertson.

Share with us the inspiration behind documenting your experiences together through Broken made Whole

We are two best friends who thought we had our lives all planned out. A mistake many of us make. We were in long-term relationships that we thought would be our last, we were enjoying the college experience, and we were planning out our perfect future careers. Sure, we were Christians and loved Jesus, but we weren't exactly living our lives the way God called us to live them.

Months before the start of our senior year of college at UNCC, our worlds were rocked. Both of our relationships unexpectedly came to an end. We were hurt, confused, lost, broken. Throughout our senior year of college, we attempted to fill these empty voids in all the wrong places. Going out, boys, friends, academic success, social events, keeping busy, but these were all temporary highs. Nothing seemed to fully satisfy.

One day, halfway through senior year, we hit our breaking point. We decided to stop striving to fill our voids with things of this world, and we began to seek after our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We surrendered everything: our double life, our hurt, our worldly desires, our relationships, and our future plans; but most importantly, we FORGAVE.

Little by little, our wants and desires were molded into God’s wants and desires. We were no longer tempted by the world, but rather we desired to be more like Jesus and love like He loves. Our voids were filled and we experienced a permanent sensation of wholeness that words cannot describe. There was a peace and a joy that was tangible and everlasting.

As our lives changed for the better, we began to pick up new hobbies-

one of our favorites being travel. Any free weekend we had, we booked a flight to a new city to tour and discover and appreciate what God has created. In just these past six to seven months, we've been so blessed to sightsee in places like Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Grand Cayman Islands, Savannah, San Antonio, Miami, Nashville, Las Vegas, Las Angeles, NYC, Grand Rapids, Florida, Italy, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, and a few other places!! As we sought after Jesus and keep Him Lord of our lives, He continued to bless with more opportunities to travel.

This past year has been nothing short of a learning experience. We've loved, we've lost, we've fallen, we've grown...but these difficult roads have led to the most beautiful destinations. Most importantly, we have found that God has been sufficient for us with each endeavor.

So a little advice for those out there with a feeling that something is missing: IT’S JESUS!! And if you invite Him into your life and seek Him, and truly get to know Him and His love for you, He will bless you with a life worth living, because Jesus longs for us to experience the desires of hearts, and ours happens to be traveling. Better things are yet to come, y’all!!

All our love and prayers,

Jordyn H. and Heather B.





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