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Vivian Page on understanding the power of words and a story

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Why should we choose our words carefully?

My childhood revealed so many things to me. Most importantly, it taught me that words are powerful. They can cut like daggers and leave permanent wounds -they can also elevate someone to the greatest version of themselves.

We hear you are a newlywed?

I've been madly in love and married for six months now; currently enjoying our time together but definitely looking forward to growing our family!

Who inspires you?

My husband inspires me each and everyday to love harder, give more and not expect anything in return for it. He is so selfless and a relentless lover!

Any mentors in your life?

Mentors, YES! Natasha Nichole Lake has seen me through the process of writing my book, I Forgive You, and has pushed me through all the hurdles it entailed - so grateful for her! I Forgive You is an emotional account of how mental and physical abuse can be quieted within families and the consequences that arise from ignoring these promintent issues.

Growing up, you tried to maintain an image of perfection. Why?

One of the main struggles in my life was the "Perfect Pattie Syndrome." I pushed myself as a child through adolescence and adulthood to appear to have it all together. During my childhood, my living environment was very unstable, so I did my best to make sure it didn't show. It was a cover game I played constantly. I wanted to show my friends that I was just as cool and "normal" as they were. Eventually all of that "pretending to be perfect" caught up to me and I had no choice but to drop that gig.

How has your resume become well-rounded?

My background is in sociology and my training ranges from mental health to cultural diversity. I have held several leadership positions in the mental health field and corporate america. I have taken advantage of ample opportunities to organize and build connections within my community with my education. Being bilingual (English, Spanish) has allowed me to create lasting relationships and celebrate all of my experiences.

Favorite spots in Charlotte to refuel?

Coffee and tea: Coco and the Director

Smoothie: Jamba Juice - I love the Boa Corporate Center location

Downtime: The Boardwalk and any Mecklenburg Library location

What are your social media accounts that you would like to share?

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