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Brit Drozda, singer/songwriter, on pursuing your dream

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Is Charlotte home?

I consider Charlotte my home now. I went to Davidson College, met a guy who would become my husband in the years to follow. He had moved to Charlotte post-college and made it easy for me to want to move down.

How did you get into songwriting?

I’ve always been into music - I grew up playing classical piano and writing poems. Eventually that turned into songwriting. In high school, I started writing songs; in college, I kept up with classical piano but felt a pull to songwriting and pop music. I fronted a band and loved singing.

After college, I continued to pursue my dream, recording and playing music. I played in venues from Amos’ in Charlotte to the Open Eye Cafe and the Cave in Chapel Hill to the Bitter End and The Living Room in New York City. In the band, we toured with The Price’s as part of Bamboozle Roadshow. I moved to Chapel Hill, NC, for a couple years, kept up with my music and got into acoustic guitar. My husband and I loved the triangle area but missed Charlotte. When we had the opportunity to move back, we snatched it up.

Upon moving back to Charlotte, I took a hiatus from music and went to culinary school at Johnson and Wales. I started a business offering in-home cooking lessons and personal chef services. I appeared on WCNC’s Charlotte Today’s cooking segments. Every time I did the show, I would be envious of the musicians playing during the morning hour.

While I loved cooking, my true calling has always been music. I learned this after my son was born. He was colicky and I was trying to get out to my cooking lessons during the witching hour which completely unraveled me. I needed an emotional outlet, and ultimately, I came back to my music. It gives me such a sense of calm and I truly love connecting with others through it. I wrote the song “Let Me Hang the Moon” and when I played it for some friends at The Rhino Market, I realized the emotional chord it struck for many people. I had to get back into the studio to record. The album, Let Me Hang the Moon, is a collection of songs, some very new and some that have been with me for years, that I am very proud to share. I feel like I’m finding my voice as a recording artist.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I would love to continue to write, record, and perform in Charlotte. My hope is that my music will find its way into TV or film and that my songs will resonate with a large audience. I’d love to be able to play the Fillmore one day with a packed house. I know it will take some time, but I’m excited to be able to pursue my passion day in and day out.

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